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Come join our Zoning and Neighborhood Inspections team

Community Planning and Development is looking for a full-time associate city inspector to join the Zoning and Neighborhood Inspection Services (Z/NIS) team. City inspectors work to ensure our neighborhoods are safe and maintained according to the city’s codes. They respond to all complaints and concerns, with a focus on public education and service.

Want to join this great team? Apply today! (Application closes September 15, 2020)

Z/NIS redistricting effort

In an effort to ensure construction and complaint workload is more evenly distributed within districts, our Z/NIS team used inspection data from from the last few years to rework the districts each inspector services. Each of our 16 neighborhood inspectors have been designated a single district, and we've shifted our neighborhood inspectors around the map.

Download the Z/NIS Assignamnt Areas map (PDF)

ZNIS assignment area map