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Denver's Neighborhood Planning Initiative is a long-term commitment to ensure every corner of the city can enjoy the benefits of an area plan. Since its launch in 2017, residents, neighborhood groups, and community leaders have been working alongside the city's neighborhood planning team to create a vision and plan for their areas.

Neighborhood Planning Initiative Strategic Plan

Download the full document (PDF) or follow the links below to read more about neighborhood planning. 

Image link to Why and How section


Image link to Planning areas section


Image link to Planning Process section


In Progress

Visit the plan pages below for more information about the planning areas and to stay up-to-date.

Coming Soon



View census data at the neighborhood level on housing, jobs, affordability and more.

Get Involved

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Live in an area not currently being planned? Residents and organizations can take advantage of specific city resources and guidance to begin to lay the groundwork for their future plans.