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Making Denver livable for its people now and in the future is the overarching vision that guides all planning efforts. Each plan is the result of a thorough, collaborative public process; each represents a long-term, broad vision for a community and functions as a guide for future land use and urban design, ensuring orderly and appropriate neighborhood development. For more information on types of plans and the planning process, visit How We Plan. Learn about current planning efforts at Plans in Progress.

To search for plans by street address or name, see the Denver Plans, Assessments and Studies map below.

To search for plans by neighborhood, click the button on the right for a list of Denver's statistical neighborhoods. Each neighborhood page lists (1) all completed plans that apply to some or all of the neighborhood area and (2) completed plans that apply to more than one neighborhood.

To search for plans by name, use the appropriate drop-down menus on the right for small area plans (including station area plans), general development plans (GDPs), and assessments and studies.

All plans in PDF format. If you use assistive technology and would like to access the content in these documents, please contact

Completed Citywide Plans and Initiatives are listed below:

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