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Living Streets are vibrant places where people of all ages and physical abilities feel safe and comfortable using any mode of travel (walking, biking, transit, or private automobile).

Living Streets combine context sensitive development with complete streets to offer solutions that promote active living, increase mobility, capitalize on infrastructure investments and stimulate economic development on our most traveled urban corridors. 

More Information

In 2007, the Denver Living Streets Initiative was born as a multi-sector partnership, led by Denver Public Works and Community Planning and Development, to support the creation of great places with transportation options that work for everyone. A task force was set up, including advocates for youth and seniors, the physically disabled, pedestrian and bicycle access, transportation management, public transit, and local business districts; public health professionals; economic development specialists; neighborhood organizations; and government agencies including the Denver Regional Council of Governments (DRCOG), Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT), and the Regional Transportation District (RTD).

Cherry Creek Corridor Study
During its public outreach phase, the Initiative involved a series of public meetings and educational workshops. A consultant team, funded through a Smart Growth Implementation Assistance Grant by the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), studied how the application of living streets principles in Denver could support public health and active living in commercial corridors and improve:

  • Multi-modal transportation
  • Community development
  • Economic development
  • Environmental quality

The team chose to use the Cherry Creek Corridor as an “urban laboratory” to conceptually brainstorm the different ways a Living Streets approach to public and private investments might make a difference in Denver. The consultant team held a number of meetings with corridor stakeholders as well as a three-day public charrette as an exercise to imagine and create new vision for the corridor. View the report EPA Report on Living Streets (PDF).

The Living Streets Initiative also included an Education and Engagement Series that brought national and international experts to Denver to talk about living streets concepts. The documents below summarize the living streets concepts explored through the educational series.

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Final Summary

For an overview of the Living Streets Initiative, including an illustrative toolbox and successful case studies, download the Living Streets Document (PDF):