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Comprehensive Plan 2000

Plan adopted by Denver City Council in 2000

Image of cover of Comprehensive Plan 2000 linking to downloadable plan document

Denver Comprehensive Plan 2000 establishes a vision for Denver as a city that is livable for its people, now and in the future. This plan reflects the effort of hundreds of residents from different backgrounds and perspectives, who have agreed on the city’s long-term purposes, and suggested strategies that will sustain its intangible assets for the future.

The guiding principles and policies established in Comprehensive Plan 2000 and Blueprint Denver form the basis for the goals and recommendations of subsequent city plans.

View Comprehensive Plan 2000 (PDF, 10 MG)

The goals of Comprehensive Plan 2000

  1. Preserve and enhance Denver's natural environment.
  2. Manage growth and change through effective land use policies to sustain Denver's high quality of life.
  3. Anticipate and meet the expanding mobility needs of residents, businesses, and visitors.
  4. Use the best of Denver's architectural and landscape legacies to guide the future.
  5. Expand housing options for Denver's changing population.
  6. Create a sustainable economy that provides opportunities for all.
  7. Build on the assets of every neighborhood and foster a citywide sense of community.
  8. Provide Denver residents with lifelong learning opportunities.
  9. Enhance opportunities for people in need to work and participate fully in community life.
  10. Integrate arts and culture into the social and economic fabric of the City.
  11. Foster cooperation and share leadership on regional issues.

Comprehensive Plan 2000 Supplements

Various City departments prepared detailed plans that are adopted by city council as supplements to the Comprehensive Plan:


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Blueprint Denver, the city's 2002 integrated land use and transportation plan, is currently undergoing an update as part of Denveright, a community‐driven planning process that challenges Denverites to shape how our community evolves in four key areas: land use, mobility, parks and recreational resources. As part of Denveright and other recent citywide planning efforts, the city will also update its 17-year-old Comprehensive Plan 2000 with a new, user-friendly comprehensive plan that will reflect the voice of Denver today and chart its course for the next two decades.

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