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Small Area Plans


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A small area plan is any plan that addresses the issues of a portion of the city. Small area plans can cover three different geographic scales -- neighborhood, corridor, and district regardless of the size of the area. Small area plans cover a specific geography that often has a cohesive set of characteristics.

Types of Small Area Plans:

Criteria for prioritizing areas for small area planning:

  • Evidence of disinvestment and deteriorating housing - high vacancy, unemployment and poverty rates
  • Significant change is occurring or anticipated
  • Public facilities and/or physical improvements need to be addressed
  • Opportunities for substantial infill or redevelopment are present
  • Opportunities arise to influence site selection, development or major expansion of a single large activity generator
  • Transit station development opportunities

Criteria that more specifically address the goals of Blueprint Denver:

  • Creating opportunity for appropriate development in areas of change
  • Stabilizing conditions that threaten areas of stability
  • Promoting public investment that increase transportation choice
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