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Plans in Progress

Making Denver livable for its people now and in the future is the overarching vision that guides all planning efforts. Each plan is the result of a thorough, collaborative public process; each represents a long-term, broad vision for a community and functions as a guide for future land use and urban design, ensuring orderly and appropriate neighborhood development. For more information on types of plans and the planning process, visit How We Plan.

Plans currently in progress are listed below. Follow the links for information on the scope of each project, the planning process and opportunities for public input.

Citywide Plans and Initiatives

Small Area Plans

General Development Plans

Other Plans and Studies

Recently Completed

Impact of COVID-19 response on CPD

The health and welfare of our community is extremely important to us. Help slow the spread of COVID-19 by doing business and engaging with us online. 

Although timelines will be affected, CPD staff is continuing to work on planning, permitting and inspections as responsible social distancing allows. We will stay in contact with applicants and project partners on next steps and are reviewing virtual options for meetings and public engagement that may be carried out under our current circumstances.