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Tools to implement amended plan recommendations are currently under development. Click here for more information.

Adopted 38th & Blake Area Plan Amendments

Click here to view the adopted 38th & Blake Station Area Plan Amendments (PDF).

The Planning Process

The University of Colorado A Line opened in April 2016, connecting the 38th & Blake Station to Denver Union Station in just 4 minutes, and to the Denver International Airport in just over a half hour.  Working with stakeholders and members of the community, this effort refined the vision for building heights in support of transit oriented development (TOD).  TOD will attract many people to live and work near high-capacity transit, and reduce reliance on automobile travel for a healthier and more vibrant community. 

The planning process included an update of five neighborhood plans that intersect with the station area to provide consistent building height guidance. Next steps will include a council-initiated rezoning process to change the zoning near the station in alignment with the updated station area vision. 

The planning process incorporated thinking from previously adopted plans that converge within the ½ mile area surrounding the station. These plans show detailed planning efforts around the station since 2003, however there is a lack of clarity and some inconsistency between plan building height recommendations. The adopted plan amendments clarified and resolved height recommendations through an urban design-based planning approach and highly inclusive public engagement.

Steering Committee

The plan amendment process was guided by a steering committee comprised of stakeholders within the plan area and surrounding community. Committee members represent neighborhoods that intersect with the study area including the River North, Cole, Five Points / Northeast Downtown, Globeville and Elyria – Swansea neighborhoods. 

The steering committee met monthly throughout the planning process. Information from each meeting is available in the meeting archive below.

TECHNICAL ADVISORY COMMITTEE: A technical working group comprised of a variety of city departments will advise on the technical aspects of the plan amendments and rezoning.

Cole Neighborhood: Cynthia Brashears-Wake

Elyria & Swansea Neighborhood: Drew Dutcher

River North (Five Points): Andrew Feinstein

River North (Five Points): Justin Croft

Globeville Neighborhood: Armando Payan

Northeast Downtown Neighborhoods: Joel Noble

Steering Committee Meeting #1
Monday, November 23

Steering Committee Meeting #2
Tuesday, December 15

Steering Committee Meeting #3
Wednesday, January 13

Kickoff Meeting
Wednesday, February 10

Steering Committee Meeting #4
Wednesday, March 9

Public Meeting #2
Wednesday, March 16

Steering Committee Meeting #5
Wednesday, April 13

Public Meeting #3
Tuesday, April 26

Public Meeting #4
Tuesday, May 24

Public Meeting #5
Wednesday, July 13

Denver Planning Board Informational item
Wednesday, August 3

Denver Planning Board Public Hearing
Wednesday, August 17

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