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Zone District Descriptions

Denver Zoning Code (Code Version 2010)

Use the chart below for information on the three or four elements that make up standard zone districts. The first part represents the neighborhood context, the second part represents the dominant building form and character, and the third part represents the minimum zone lot size. Occasionally there is an additional number or letter as the fourth part which represents a special purpose. 

Example: E-SU-DX

  1. E=Urban Edge
  2. SU=Single Unit
  3. D=6,000
  4. X=Special provisions tailored to that zone district

Find your Former Chapter 59 zone district in the alphabetical listing below and go to the corresponding division in Article IV on the Former Chapter 59 page. 

B-1 (Div. 7)
B-2 (Div. 7)
B-3 (Div. 7)
B-4 (Div. 7)
B-5 (Div. 9)
B-5-T (Div. 9)
B-7 (Div. 10)
B-8 (Div. 7)
B-8-A (Div. 8)
B-8-G (Div. 8)
B-A-1 (Div. 12)
B-A-2 (Div. 12)
B-A-3 (Div. 12)
B-A-4 (Div. 12)

C-MU (Div. 15 Mixed Use)

I-0 (Div. 14  Industrial)
I-1 (Div. 14  Industrial)
I-2 (Div. 14  Industrial)

MS-1 (Div. 13  Main Street)
MS-2 (Div. 13  Main Street)
MS-3 (Div. 13  Main Street)

O-1 (Div. 19)
O-2 (Div. 19)
OS-1 (Div. 15 Mixed Use)

P-1 (Div. 20)

R-0 (Div. 2)
R-1 (Div. 2)
R-2 (Div. 2)
R-2-A (Div. 2)
R-2-B (Div. 2)
R-3 (Div. 3)
R-3-X (Div. 3)
R-4 (Div. 3)
R-4-X (Div. 3)
R-5 (Div. 4)
R-MU  (Div. 15 Mixed Use)
RS-4 (Div. 1)
R-X (Div. 1)

T-MU (Div. 15 Mixed Use)

Gateway (Div. 18)
Hospital Districts (Div. 6)
Overlay (Div. 21)
Planned Unit Development (PUD) (Div. 22)
Platte River Valley (PRV) (Div. 17)

For zone districts with waivers and conditions, look up the zone district in the Denver Zoning Code or Former Chapter 59 according to the listed instructions for  the baseline information on the district. Then, for the waivers and conditions that apply, search for the ordinance on the Denver Clerk and Recorder’s Online Document Search System, following these instructions:

  1. From your zoning map results, note the ordinance year and ordinance number for your zone district
  2. Go to and click on “Online Document Search System”
  3. Login as a guest or create a free subscriber account
  4. Read the website disclaimer and click “Accept”
  5. Click “Search Public Records”
  6. Under General Criteria, in the “Search Type” field, select “Ordinances / Resolutions”
  7. Under Specific Search Criteria, in the “Ordinance Number” field, type in the eight-digit ordinance number, using your zone district ordinance year for the first four digits and your zone district ordinance number preceded by a ‘0’ if it’s a three-digit number.
    Example: For zone district ordinance year 2015 and zone district ordinance number 123, type in “20150123.”
  8. Click “Search.”
  9. In the results, click on the ordinance number (the left-most column). The ordinance will appear in a panel on the right. You will have the option to save, print or request a certified copy of the document.

For an instructional video on using the online search system, click here. Contact the Cleck and Recorder's Office if you are having trouble with your search.

Instructions on retrieving information on PUDs and PBGs will be posted soon.


Denver Zoning Code Zone Districts

Neighborhood Context (1st letter)
Dominant Building Form and Character (2nd Letters)

CC = Commercial Corridor
MS = Main Street
MU = Multi Unit
MX = Mixed Use
RH = Row House
RO = Residential Office
RX = Residential Mixed Use
SU = Single Unit
TU = Two Unit
TH = Town House

Minimum Zone Lot Size in Square Feet or Maximum Building Height (3rd Letter or Number)

Square footage:

  • A = 3,000
  • B = 4,500
  • C = 5,500
  • D =6,000
  • E = 7,000
  • F = 8,500
  • G = 9,000
  • H = 10,000
  • I = 12,000


  • 2 = 2 stories
  • 2.5 = 2.5 stories
  • 3 = 3 stories
  • 5 = 5 stories
  • 8 = 8 stories
  • 12 = 12 stories
  • 16 = 16 stories
  • 20 = 20 stories
Special Purpose (4th number or letter)

1 = Accessory dwelling units allowed throughout (e.g., U-SU-C1)

2 = Accessory dwelling unit and duplexes allowed on certain corners (e.g., U-SU-C2)

x = Special provisions tailored to that zone district (e.g., U-SU-Dx)