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Photo of downtown Denver

Downtown Neighborhood Context

The Downtown Neighborhood Context consists of mixed-use residential, office, commercial and retail uses in large buildings.  It is comprised of five distinct areas, described by the zone districts below, as well as historic structures and districts that define the character of Downtown.

The zone districts contained within the Downtown Neighborhood Context were carried forward "as was" from the Former Chapter 59 code. The zone districts were renamed and the uses and parking were brought into the new code organizational system, but otherwise the districts remain unchanged.

The Downtown (D-) Neighborhood Context is Article 8 of the Denver Zoning Code.

Zone Districts

  • Downtown Core (D-C)
  • Downtown Theater (D-TD)
  • Lower Downtown (D-LD)
  • Downtown Civic (D-CV)
  • Downtown Golden Triangle (D-GT)
  • Downtown Arapahoe Square (D-AS)

At a Glance

Transit Hub
Photo of Union Station

High Pedestrian Activity
Photo of pedestrians on 16th Street Mall

Structured Parking with Retail
Photo of parking garage