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Special Contexts

Special Contexts, contained within Article 9 of the Denver Zoning Code, are areas that typically serve a principle use that is reflected in its name.


Other Districts

  • Overlay Zone Districts
  • Denver International Airport (DIA)
  • O-1
  • Planned Unit Development (PUD)

Photo of an industrial area

Industrial Context

The Industrial Context consists of areas of mixed-use industrial, where warehouse spaces may have been converted to retail and /or residential mixed use, light industrial and heavy industrial employment. 

Zone Districts

  • I-MX (Industrial Mixed-Use)
  • I-A (Light Industrial)
  • I-B (General Industrial)

Photo of open space

Open Space Context

The Open Space Context consists of all forms of public and private parks and open spaces.  The context accommodates very active to completely passive sites, and from those embedded in a neighborhood to sites large enough to stand alone.

Zone Districts

  • OS-A (Public Parks)
  • OS-B (Recreation)
  • OS-C (Conservation)

Photo of an educational campus

Campus Context

The Campus Context consists of larger sites that accommodate multiple buildings oriented around a central use.

Zone Districts

  • CMP-H, H2 (Healthcare)
  • CMP-EI, EI2 (Education Institution)
  • CMP-ENT (Entertainment)

Photo of a development of row homes

Master Planned Context

The Master Planned Context is intended for large areas that will develop or redevelop in phases over an extended period of time into entirely new residential and mixed-use neighborhoods.

Zone Districts

  • M-RH (Row House)
  • M-RX (Residential Mixed Use)
  • M-MX (Commercial Mixed Use)
  • M-IMX (Industrial Mixed Use)