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Photo of urban edge neighborhood

Urban Edge Neighborhood Context

The Urban Edge Neighborhood Context is characterized by a mix of elements from both the Suburban and Urban Neighborhood Context.

Urban Edge (E-) Neighborhood is Article 4 of the Denver Zoning Code.

Zone Districts

  • E-SU- (Single Unit) 
  • E-TU- (Two Unit) 
  • E-TH- (Town House)
  • E-MU- (Multi Unit)
  • E-RX- (Residential Mixed Use)
  • E-CC- (Commercial Corridor)
  • E-MX- (Mixed Use)
  • E-MS- (Main Street)

At a Glance

Various Sidewalk Types
Photo of street with no sidewalk on one side and an attached sidewalk on the other

No sidewalk, "attached" sidewalk

Shopettes and Main Streets
Photo of a strip mall

Predominantly Single Family
Photo of single family home