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Rezoning - Map Amendments


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Rezoning is a public process that changes the rules for land use and types of buildings permitted on a given property by changing its zone district. Because the process amends the city’s official zoning map, a rezoning is also referred to as a “map amendment.”

Rezoning can take four to six months after an application is submitted, depending on the complexity of the case, and involves public hearings before the Planning Board and Denver City Council. All rezoning requests will be reviewed and voted upon by City Council.

A rezoning is not always necessary. If the intended use is already allowed under the existing zone district, a zoning permit may suffice. If you have a question about a property’s current zoning, contact the zoning team at  

Review Criteria

The Official Map Amendment (Rezoning) Guide (PDF) offers a detailed description of the process and requirements. For general information, including opportunities for public input, see information for Neighbors and RNOs (below) and the rezoning process page.

Our staff and the Denver Planning Board evaluate most rezoning requests against the following criteria:

  • Is the rezoning consistent with adopted plans?
  • Does the rezoning further public health, safety and welfare?
  • Are there circumstances that justify the rezoning?
  • Is the rezoning consistent with the neighborhood context?
  • Does the rezoning align with the zone district’s purpose and intent?
  • Would it result in consistent regulations for each property with the same zoning designation citywide?

When there is a planning process in progress in the area of a rezoning, staff will let applicants know whether a new plan’s guidance would apply. 

Within 10 days of receiving a completed application, our staff posts the application online on the Proposed Rezonings page and notifies property owners within 200 feet of the proposed rezoning and surrounding registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs) about pending rezoning cases. This allows nearby residents the opportunity to learn about and comment on the rezoning request ahead of the Planning Board public hearing. For information on how and when to submit comments, visit the Planning Board page.

Proposed Rezonings

Visit the Proposed Rezonings Page to to view proposed amendments to the Denver zoning map.

Contact Us

Rezoning inquiries:
Phone: 720-865-2974 

Comment on a rezoning:
Contact the Planning Board

Mailing address
Planning Services
Denver Community Planning and Development
201 West Colfax Ave., Dept 205
Denver, Colorado 80202

Zoning and land use questions:


Information for Applicants and Neighbors

The rezoning application process begins with a pre-application review meeting with staff, followed by a formal submittal of a complete application and the subsequent public process. Visit the rezoning process page and download the Official Map Amendment (Rezoning) Guide (PDF) for a comprehensive explanation of the application process and requirements.

Please note: Certain large projects, generally 5 acres or more, may be required to go through Large Development Review before they can apply for a rezoning. Learn more


Anyone may submit comments on a proposed rezoning to the case manager once a complete application has been submitted. The case manager for each rezoning, along with the completed application, is listed on the Proposed Rezonings page.

Upon receipt of a complete rezoning application, city staff notifies property owners within 200 feet of the proposed rezoning and registered neighborhood organizations (RNOs) whose boundaries include or are within 200 feet of the proposed rezoning. Property owners and RNOs also receive notice in advance of the Planning Board public hearing. RNOs receive additional notice in advance of the City Council public hearing, as well as City Council committee meetings.

An RNO is encouraged to:


Additional information: