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Central Platte Valley-Auraria Zoning, Affordable Housing and Design Review

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CPV-Auraria Design Standards and Guidelines adopted April 9

The CPV-Auraria Design Standards and Guidelines are the final piece of the regulatory package that will direct future development in the area. They  will be used by city staff and the new Downtown Design Advisory Board to ensure projects meet a level of design quality that is consistent with the vision established in the Downtown Area Plan Amendment. 

The design standards and guidelines were adopted by the executive director of Community Planning and Development, following a public hearing held by the Denver Planning Board on April 3.

The rules and regulations adopt new design standards and guidelines to guide design review in the D-CPV-T, D-CPV-R and D-CPV-C zone districts, which were adopted by text amendment to the Denver Zoning Code in December 2018. The Central Platte Valley-Auraria Design Standards and Guidelines apply to any properties in the geographic area covered by the 2018 Downtown Area Plan Amendment for the Central Platte Valley-Auraria that are rezoned to a CPV-T, D-CPV-R or D-CPV-C zone district by official zoning map amendment.

City Council-approved changes will set stage for new downtown neighborhood 

City Council unanimously approved amendments to the Denver Zoning Code and Denver Revised Municipal Codes that lay the groundwork for the redevelopment of the Central Platte Valley-Auraria District, a new downtown neighborhood envisioned by the community in the Downtown Area Plan Amendment (PDF). The new zoning rules for the area include design standards and guidelines, which will be finalized early in 2019.

Affordable Housing Requirements

Along with new zoning districts and design guidelines, an incentive system for affordable housing was approved for the Central Platte Valley-Auraria District. The incentive system allows taller building heights for development that provides additional affordable housing, beyond the city's baseline requirements. It also requires large or phased projects using incentive height to prepare an affordable housing plan. The incentive system is detailed in and was enacted through an amendment to the Denver Revised Municipal Code.

About the Project

The recently adopted Downtown Area Plan Amendment establishes a bold vision for the Central Platte Valley – Auraria district of downtown Denver, which is bound by I-25, Speer Boulevard and Auraria Parkway. 

In an effort to move forward on key plan objectives, City Council Members Albus Brooks (District 9) and Rafael Espinoza (District 1) sponsored this Denver Zoning Code text amendment. The project includes development of new zone districts and a related municipal code amendment establishing affordable housing incentives to help implement the plan vision for a dense, diverse and distinctive urban neighborhood. 

To make use of the proposed new zone districts, property owners in the Central Platte Valley-Auraria District must apply for rezoning. To date, City Council has approved one rezoning in the area (map amendment applicaiton 2018I-00131 for the proposed River Mile development at 1901 7th Street). For more information, visit

Zoning addresses important design and land use considerations including:

  • Building height
  • Building mass and scale
  • Street level design
  • Open space
  • Vehicle parking
  • Permitted land use (commercial, residential, etc.)

The public is encouraged to participate in the process to implement the vision for a new downtown neighborhood. 

Planning Board Information Item
Wednesday, July 11
Download the staff presentation (PDF)

Community Open House #1
July 31, 2018
Download the staff presentation (PDF)
Download the meeting boards (PDF)

Planning Board Information Item #2
Wednesday, August 15
Download the staff presentation (PDF)

Planning Board Information Item #3
Wednesday, October 3
Download the staff presentation (PDF)

Community Open House #2
Thursday, October 4
Download the staff presentation (PDF)
Download the meeting boards (PDF)

Planning Board Public Hearing
3 p.m., Wednesday, October 17
Read the staff report (PDF)
Read previously submitted comments on the draft (PDF)

LUTI Committee Meeting
10:30 a.m., Tuesday, November 6
View the staff presentation (PDF)
Read the staff report (PDF)

City Council Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure Committee Meeting
Consideration of revised DRMC amendment
10:30 a.m., Tuesday, November 27
Council Committee Room (#391)
City and County Building, 1437 Bannock St.
Download the staff presentation (PDF)

City Council First Reading for zoning text amendments 
5:30 p.m., Monday, November 19

City Council Public Hearing
5:30 p.m., Monday, December 18


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Principal City Planner

Map of the Central Platte Valley-Auraria District

The Central Platte Valley-Auraria District is located between I-25, Speer Boulevard and Auraria Parkway.