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Dec 2, 2020

RFQ: Design Build Services for the 56th Avenue Widening Project

The Project consists of widening 56th Avenue from Peoria Street to Peña Boulevard to a four-lane typical section while establishing the footprint for an ultimate six-lane typical section. The Project also includes constructing a multi-use path along the north side of 56th Avenue, including connections to the neighborhood bike lanes and the trail system at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal National Wildlife Refuge. The four-lane roadway widening of 56th Avenue should be designed to minimize rework when the six-lane section is constructed in the future. Preparing for the ultimate six-lane section includes locating the median, curb and gutter, multi-use path, drainage, signage, lighting, signals, utilities, and other elements in their ultimate locations.

Nov 30, 2020

Contract 2020XXXXX 2021 Pavement Marking On Call

The 2021 Pavement Marking Master On-Call will be to install new and/or maintain existing pavement markings within the City and County of Denver. Types of pavement markings include crosswalks, bike lanes, bicycle symbols, decorative bicycle symbols and buffer areas, pre-fabricated curbs and bollards for protected bikeways words/symbols, decorative markings, long/dash lane lines, etc. on collector and arterial roadways. Materials used will consist of thermoplastic pavement marking, preformed thermoplastic pavement marking, epoxy and modified epoxy and waterbourne paint pavement markings, preformed thermoplastic pavement marking adhesive, and methyl methcrylate pavement markings for asphalt and concrete roadway surfaces. All work will be in accordance with the MUTCD and the current Denver Traffic standards and work will be throughout the entire City. This contract is a Three Years Contract with a Zero Dollar on the contract and each work order will be scoped, priced and authorized separately and all work will be supervised and directed by a Traffic Engineering project manager. Funding will be defined at the time the work order is written and funded from the Traffic Engineering Annual Pavement Marking Program funds. Multiple contracts may be awarded pending the needs of the City.

Nov 10, 2020

Contract 202056411 Congress Park Pool

Construction of a new, state of the art swimming pool, bath house, and pump house in place of the existing facility that is past its useful life. Replacement will begin with demolishing most of the existing facility including the pool, pump house, and bath house. Existing shade pavilion storage building, public art, and trees will be protected during construction and remain as a part of the new facility. A new 50 meter pool with 25 yard cross course constructed in roughly the same location as the existing pool. A youth pool will be built in a new location while the existing location will be demolished. Space surrounding the pool deck and perimeter fence is to be landscaped. The South side of the parking lot will be demolished and rebuilt to meet ADA requirements and include a bioswale providing water quality. An underground detention vault is planned in the South parking lot area; a variance request to remove the detention vault is currently pending approval and Unit Costs are being requested to itemize this scope of work.

Nov 3, 2020

RFQ: Jewell/Evans Bicycle and Pedestrian Bridge

This RFQ is for professional design services for the Complete Design of the preferred layout of a bicycle and pedestrian bridge over the railroad Consolidated Main Line (CML) [which includes the Regional Transportation District (RTD) Southwest light rail corridor] and Santa Fe Drive (US 85) as identified in the Evans Station Bicycle and Pedestrian Connectivity Analysis (2012) and the Jewell Avenue Pedestrian Bridge Conceptual Alignment and Constraints Design Analysis Report (2019). The anticipated span over the railroad tracks and roadway is approximately 350 ft. Design related activities may include structural analysis and design, ADA analysis and design, civil design, maintenance of traffic, topographic and ROW survey, Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE) and utility coordination, environmental remediation, lighting design, stakeholder coordination, and ROW acquisition support.

Oct 28, 2020

Contract 202056485 FY 18 HSIP Package 1, 5th Ave. and Broadway and 5th Ave. and Lincoln Street

Reconstruction of pedestrian ramps, construction of bulbouts on some corners and construction of new traffic signals at 5th Ave. and Broadway and 5th Ave. and Lincoln Street intersections.

Oct 21, 2020

Contract 202056331 CCD FY19 HSIP PKG 1: Yosemite St @ I-225 - Traffic Signals Upgrade

This project is to reconstruct two (2) existing traffic signals within the City and County of Denver. The two traffic signals are located at (1) Yosemite Street & I-225 On/Off ramps (North Intersection); and (2) Yosemite Street & I-225 On/Off ramps (South Intersection).

Oct 14, 2020

Contract 202056263 48th Avenue Viaduct Rehabilitation

This project will rehabilitate the bridge viaduct on 48th Avenue over the UPRR, BNSF, and RTD commuter rails. Work will include specialized deck repairs, expansion joint replacement, installation and removal of the waterproofing membrane, asphalt wearing surface and other specialized sub contractors.

Sep 30, 2020

Contract 202056022 E. 16th Avenue System, Phase 1

*** NEW BID OPENING DATE *** The East 16th Avenue Storm Sewer Improvements, Phase 1 project is the first phase of an effort to extend and upsize the storm system in the Montclair Basin to relieve frequent and significant flooding in the neighborhood. The downstream end of the project will tie into an existing box in Jackson Street at East 17th Avenue that outfalls into Ferril Lake. The new storm drain will extend via a 9'x9' box east in East 17th Avenue to Colorado Boulevard. Tunneling will be required to cross under Colorado Boulevard. Work will also include a trash vault, full roadway reconstruction, full utility reconstruction, and improvements to the existing system on Batavia Place between Colorado Boulevard and Albion Street. Two alternates to the bid will continue the system east from Colorado Boulevard along East 17th Avenue to Albion Street and then south on Albion Street to Batavia Place.


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