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RFP and RFQ Updates

This project was awarded to Ordonez and Vogelsang LLC.

Awarded to Felsburg Holt & Ullevig, Inc

Awarded to HDR Engineering Inc

Awarded to 5 firms:

  • Shannon & Wilson Inc
  • CTL Thompson Inc
  • Kumar and Associates Inc
  • CTC-Geotek Inc
  • Geocal Inc

Awarded to 3 firms:

  • Hallmark Inc
  • K.E.C.I. Colorado Inc
  • SEMA Construction Inc 

3 firms have been selected for contract negotiation and award (in alphabetical order):
1. Alfred Benesch & Company
2. J.F. Sato and Associates
3. Martin/Martin Consulting Engineers

Awarded to the following companies:
Hudspeth and Assoc.
Wilderness Construction Co.
Halcyon Construction
Interlock Construction
Norkoli Construction

Awarded to Semple Brown Design

Awarded to Adolfson & Peterson Construction

This contract was awarded to CH2M Hill

This contract was awarded to MW Golden Constructors

This contract was awarded to J&K Hauling and P&H Equipment

This contract was awarded to Barker Rinker Seacat Architectural

This contract was awarded to Fehr & Peers.

This contract was awarded to SP+ Municipal Services

This contract was awarded to Parsons Brinkerhoff

This contract was awarded Humphries Poli Architects.

This contract was awarded AZTEC Engineering Group, Inc. 

This contract was awarded Merrick & Company.

This contract was awarded ECI Site Construction Management.

This contract was awarded to Stantec Consulting Services, Inc.

This contract was awarded to SEMA.

-Ash and White Construction Group
-Wilderness Construction
-Interlock Construction Corp
-FCI Constructors
-PCL Construction Services 
-Haselden Construction 
-Gilmore Construction Corp
-Milender White Construction 

 This contract was awardedto Short Elliot Hendrickson, Inc.


 Atkins North America
 CH2M Hill
 David Evans & Associates
 Felsburg, Holt and Ullevig
 Jacobs Engineering
 Short, Elliot & Hendrickson, Inc.  
 URS Corp.

 Apex Design
 Centennial Engineering
 Fehr and Peers
 URS Corp.
 Wilson and Co.
 Felsburg Holt and Ullevig  

This contract was awarded to Design Workshop.


Denver Moves: Transit

The following firms have been shortlisted for this project:

  • WSP/PB
  • Nelson Nygaard