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May 15, 2019

Contract 201950252 Harvard Gulch Pond Improvements

Construction of a new irrigation pond, water delivery system and monitoring from City ditch to the new pond, new vertical turbine irrigation pump, irrigation wet well and intake pipe. Modifications to the existing electrical and irrigation, with renovation of an existing outfall structure to accommodate the new pond and water works. Work will also include the installation of new forebay at east end of park, and landscaping.

Apr 29, 2019

Contract No. 201950021 Genesee Park Base Camp

Description: This project will improve vehicle access, parking, and add recreation amenities to the Experiential Center located along Stapleton Drive in Genesee Mountain Park. Recreation amenities include two vault toilets, a shade pavilion, a log bench amphitheater area, picnic tables, fire pit area, and ADA accessible concrete walkways connecting to the pavilion and toilets. Roadway improvements to the existing aggregate roadway include adding a drop-off area and 7 formalized parking spaces along the roadway. Two concrete ADA parking spaces will be installed with an access aisle between.

Apr 16, 2019

Contract 201948771 Knox Court & W. 35th Ave. Neighborhood Bikeway

Construction of the Knox Ct Neighborhood Bikeway northbound (“NB”) from Kentucky to Nevada Place, and W. 35th NB from Sheridan to Jason St. at Inca Trail. Construction includes bumpouts at 4 intersections (Knox), and bumpouts at 3 intersections (35th). Construction shall also include median refuges at 2 intersections (35th), bike boxes (35th), sharrows, with NB branding signage, and bicycle wayfinding signs. Contract plans include a bid alternate for construction of a bumpout at Morrison Rd. & Walsh Place.

Apr 1, 2019

Letters of Interest: CCC-XP Design-Build Services

The City and County of Denver (City), is soliciting Letters of Interest from companies or teams interested in providing design-build services for the Colorado Convention Center Expansion (CCC-XP) Project. CCC-XP will expand the Colorado Convention Center to include features that focus on the quality and character of facility and experience, connectivity, flexible and unique spaces, and technology, all of which will help keep the facility modern, vibrant and attractive. The Project includes design, construction, and construction administration services for approximately 250,000sf of vertical expansion, renovation of approximately 120,000sf of lobby space, installation of new vertical conveyances and required code and life safety upgrades. In general, the scope of services includes pre-construction services, full design, construction, and construction administration through project completion. The City will use a two-step selection process to select one design-build team for CCC-XP based on a best value selection approach. We anticipate the RFQ will be issued in late Spring, and the RFP in mid-2019.

Mar 29, 2019

RFQ: On-Call Program Management Services

The City and County of Denver Department of Public Works is requesting that your firm submit a proposal to provide Program Management services primarily focused on the Colorado Convention Center and task orders may be solicited for other projects as identified by the Department of Public Works.

Mar 22, 2019

Contract No. 201948510 2019 Hot-in-Place Recycling and Repaving

Treat approximately 105 lane miles of local, collector and arterial streets with hot-in-place-recycling surface treatment at various locations throughout the City.

Mar 20, 2019

Contract No. 201948512 2019 Citywide Chipseal and Crackseal

Capeseal and crackseal in various locations throughout the City and County of Denver. Approximately 100 lane miles of mostly local streets to be treated with chip/cape seal resurfacing.

Mar 13, 2019

Contract 201948312 2019 ADA Ramp and Concrete Repair, Phase 1

*New bid opening date* This project shall update Curb Ramps to 2012 ADAG specifications in various locations throughout the City and County of Denver. Adjacent concrete work in the vicinity of the curb ramps to be repaired as necessary.

Mar 12, 2019

Contract No. 201948326 2019 Citywide Concrete Spot Repairs, Phase 1

*New bid opening date* Citywide concrete repairs to curb, gutter, sidewalk, valley gutter, concrete street and alley. Potential work locations are generated from on-going citizen complaints and are not scoped at the time of bidding.

Mar 11, 2019

Contract No. 201948329 2019 Preventative and Critical Lining

The major item of work to be completed under this project is the rehabilitation of approximately 117,600 linear feet of sewer mains of various diameters with structural deterioration problems in Wastewater District 2 of the City of Denver, using Wastewater Management Division approved cured-in-place pipe methods of construction. This project also includes Critical Lining bid items for 8” to 36” diameter pipes.