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Upcoming Projects

S. Broadway Reconstruction (MS to AZ) (Construction)
This is the second segment of the overall South Broadway & I-25 Interchange project. This project reconstructs South Broadway from THE North side of Mississippi Avenue to the south to Arizona Avenue.  The work includes single and dual left turn lanes at signals, consolidation and limitation of access to Broadway, additional of ped and street lighting for the entire project length, streetscaping, upgraded and improved signals and connections, "bulbout"(curb extension) at northeast quadrant of the Mississippi intersection,  and ADA-compliant sidewalks(8ft min) and ramps.  It also includes the reconstruction of Mississippi from Sherman to the CML.  Two new retaining walls will be built west of Broadway on the North side of Mississippi.

S. Broadway (Arizona to Kentucky)

This project reconstructs South Broadway from Arizona Avenue to Kentucky Avenue in concrete to four to eight lane section with turn lanes. Other improvements include a center median, “bulbouts"(curb extension) at intersections. The replacement of the existing span wire traffic signal with a new mast arm traffic signal at Mississippi and Tennessee. Additional lighting and streetscaping is included for the entire project length. A 10 ft multi-use sidewalk will be constructed on the east side of Broadway to provide a future connection from Logan to the Broadway Light Rail Station. Other sidewalks within the project limits will be a minimum of 8 feet. The existing 12 inch waterline and storm sewer facilities will be replaced. ROW is to be acquired from LUI, south of Mississippi and Frontier Renewal along the Gates Rubber Plant site north of Mississippi. This is the first phase of the Broadway and I-25 Interchange project.

Central Library - Pre-Cast Facade Inspection And Repairs

Central Library Exterior Pre-cast Concrete Facade Repairs: During the research and engineering phase for the failed window sills at Central it was discovered that the elastomeric calking in between the pre-cast concrete panels had deteriorated to the point of failure. This request is for a multiyear project to further investigate any infiltration, develop a design and complete repairs, including removal and replacement of the existing sealant.

Cherry Creek South Drive, Phase 3 - Construction

Full reconstruction of Cherry Creek South Drive from west of Steele St. to west of Garfield St. New installations of concrete pavement, median, landscaping/irrigation, sidewalk on north side of street, traffic signal at Alameda intersection. Upgrade of street lighting and storm drainage

3rd & Hooker over Weir Gulch Rehabilitation

This project is the rehabilitation of a 2-concrete box, 1- CMP arch combination structure. The center CMP will be removed and replaced with a CIP box and the two outside boxes will be rehabilitated. The scope of work will include civil and structural design, hydrology and hydraulics, roadway and path design, landscape architecture, and construction of the rehabilitation. This project needs to be constructed during low flow, so the construction window is Nov - Feb.

Kennedy Ballpark Detention Rehabilitation         
Conduct planning and design a new outfall system to divert detention pond overflows across the JFK golf course to the Cherry Creek during major storm events to protect the down-stream properties.