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Professional Services (Projected)

Buchtel Multimodal Improvements

  • Conversion of Buchtel Boulevard from University to Colorado to be a more complete street. Improve bicycle and pedestrian connections to the Colorado Station bicycle and pedestrian bridge.

Colfax BRT NEPA and Preliminary Design

  • The current project scope includes NEPA evaluation and preliminary design leading to an ultimate build-out of the full project.

Federal Boulevard Transit Speed and Reliability Project 

  • A project to provide professional design services along Federal Boulevard to evaluate, prioritize, and design transit, speed, and reliability improvements based on previous studies. Scope includes performing a gap analysis, completion of the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process, and preparing design documents. 

Jewel Evans Station Bike/Pedestrian Connectivity Project

  • Improve pedestrian and bicycle connectivity and safety when crossing Santa Fe drive

Professional Services On-Call

  • On-call contracts for various types of professional services and tasks.

Wastewater Professional Services On-Call

  • Professional engineering services to support various comprehensive Wastewater capital or infrastructure needs, as well as other general engineering services throughout Public Works on an on-call.  It is anticipated that multiple contracts will be procured.

West Colfax Pedestrian and Transit Improvement Project

  • Improve pedestrian safety, enhance pedestrian environment, provide safety consistency, enable each distinct segment to have a uinque sense of place.

Civic Center - Greek Theater Improvements 

  • These improvements to Civic Center Park will enhance park visitor's experience, facilitate greater and more diverse community celebrations and cultural events and will ultimately lead to greater economic vitality for Downtown Denver and the City as a whole.


Construction Services (Projected)

8th Avenue Bridge Reconstruction

  • Replace the existing 8th Avenue bridge over the South Platte River, provide safe bike and pedestrian accommodations.

14th Avenue Bridge over Cherry Creek

  • Remove and replace the 14th Avenue Bridge over Cherry Creek, upgrade the signals and associated intersections.

48th Avenue TOD Improvements Brighton to York

  • This project will construct the sidewalks, ramps, and install storm sewer on the south side of 48th Avenue between Brighton Blvd and Claude Court.

2017 - Urban Farm Renovations

  • Renovate the 5,000 sq ft Urban Farm building at 10200 Smith Rd.  The project includes HVAC, plumbing, electrical, finishes, fire sprinklers, sidewalk, curb and gutters, and site work.    

Arkins Court RiNo Promenade

  • Construct 3 blocks of an approximately 1 mile long section of riverfront pedestrian promenade within the Arkins Court right-of-way in the River North area.

Art/Coll Repaving - West Dartmouth Avenue 

  • This project will perform arterial/collector repaving as deferred maintenance. The improvements include: asphalt mill and overlay; concrete repairs/replacement (curb/gutter, curb ramps, and other miscellaneous features); restriping, and replace/maintain any associated existing bike/ped safety features. All improvements will be constructed to current CCD and ADA standards and specifications.  Limits for this project are: West Dartmouth Avenue, between South Irving Street and South Sheridan Boulevard. 

Bear Valley Tennis Courts

  • This project includes the replacement of the six (6) existing asphalt tennis courts with post-tensioned concrete courts.  The court replacement will include new chain link fence, lighting with LED fixtures, nets and posts, signs, and basic site amenities such as benches, trash/recycling receptacles, picnic tables and a shade structure.

City Park Playground

  • This project consists of the replacement of City Park's Dustin Redd playground.

East 16th Avenue System Phase 1 

  • Multi-phase/multi-year effort to extend and improve the storm drain upstream in the watershed in order to address numerous flooding issues in the watershed, and further capitalize on prior investment at Ferril Lake (2007) and “Montclair-Phase 2” storm drain (2011).

Garfield Neighborhood Bikeway Phase 1 Construction

  • This project includes signal and intersection improvements for a neighborhood bikeway at (3) locations along Garfield.

General Civil Construction On-Call (SBE)

  • On-Call SBE Prime General Contractors to provide bidding and construction services related to work on the City’s infrastructure.  The General Civil Construction On-Call SBE contract will be utilized to construct a variety of improvements to the City and County of Denver’s infrastructure typically within City Right-of-Way.

General Civil Construction On-Call

  • On-Call Prime General Contractors to provide bidding and construction services related to work on the City’s infrastructure.  The General Civil Construction On-Call contract will be utilized to construct a variety of improvements to the City and County of Denver’s infrastructure typically within City Right-of-Way.

General Storm - Carlan Court

  • This project will address a drainage complaint at 1515 Carlan Court by constructing the first phase of the South Carlan Street Outfall (from Florida Ave and Carlan Court to Sanderson Gulch).

Holly Over Highline Canal

  • Rehabilitation of Holly Bridge over Highline Canal.

Iowa Underpass

  • This project includes sidewalk improvements, retaining wall modifications, and modifications of existing features for ADA compliance.  The project includes Federal funds, will require environmental (NEPA) compliance, and coordination with the adjacent golf course.  Design and construction will be required.

Irrigation - Harvey Park

  • Construction of a new irrigation system and installation of a new pump skid as specified in the construction documents.

Mountain Parks Conservation Camp Facility Restoration

  • Project to rehabilitate CCC Camp buildings including structural repairs, roof and framing improvements, flooring and wall repairs, HVAC and upgrades to restrooms and utilities. 

Park Avenue Rehabilitation - Phase 2-3

  • Rehabilitation of the Park Avenue Viaduct waffle slab.  Work includes expansion joint replacement and deck repairs. 

Park Improvements - McNichols Playground 

  • Replacement of playground equipment

Park Improvements - McWilliams BB Court

  • This project will replace the existing basketball court with a new concrete court, including backstops, striping, and adjacent site furnishings and landscaping

Park Improvements - MLK Phase 2 Walks

  • Replace walkways

Park Improvements - Montbello Walks , Lighting and Central Picnic 

  • Replacement of remaining asphalt sidewalks with concrete on western portion of park, new picnic areas, and new pedestrian lighting.

Park Improvements - Robinson BB Court / Playground

  • Replacement of basketball court and playground equipment

Park Improvements - Rocky Mountain Walks

  • Asphalt to concrete walk replacement

Redesign and reconstruction of the traffic signal and intersection of 14th & Pennsylvania Street

  • This project is the redesign and reconstruction of the traffic signal and intersection of 14th & Pennsylvania St. within the City and County of Denver.

South Broadway Station Multimodal & Safety Improvement Phase 1 

  • The project includes the reconstuction of East Exposition from Lincoln through Broadway.  The construction of West Exposition from Broadway a distance of approximately 485'.  The widening of Broadway south of Exposition.  This widening includes the reconstruction of the adjoining streetscape.  Damaged concrete panels in this stretch of Broadway will be replaced. 

Citywide Bike - W 13th Ave: River to Speer (NBL)

  • Provide multimodal connectivity for Sun Valley.

General Storm - Grays Peak

  • This general storm project will address drainage issues near Cedar and Perry, South Ellsworth and Garfield, and an alley.

Safe Routes to School (04.30)

  • Provide Curb Extensions, curb ramps and crosswalk markings  along Bruce Randolph Ave at Franklin St and Humboldt St to improve Safe Routes to School.

Congress Park Pool

  • This project consists of the design and reconstruction of a state of the art public recreational swimming pool to replace an existing aging 50 meter pool.  The redesign will accommodate growth and recreational trends as well as meet community needs and requirements for accessibility and safety.

Harvey Park Recreation Center Improvements  (Parking Lot) 

  • This project will acquire existing tennis courts from DPS to create a new parking area to serve the Park and Harvey Park Recreation Center with access from Tennyson. This project will also make access improvements to the pedestrian access to the recreation center and replace existing asphalt walks with new concrete sidewalks within the park.

HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg 4: Park & I25/I70; Miss @ Platte/Santa Fe; Colfax/Downing

  • HSIP CCD 2018 Pkg. 4 is a federal grant traffic signal upgrade and intersection improvement project operating under the Highway Safety Improvement Program (HSIP). The project goal is to reconstruct four (4) existing traffic signals within the City and County of Denver located at (1) Park Avenue West at I-25/I-70 On-Ramp; (2) Mississippi Avenue at Platte River Drive; (3) Mississippi Avenue at Santa Fe Drive; and (4) Colfax Avenue at Downing Street.

Mill 17: North Central Downing Street

  • Mill 17: North Central Downing Street is a T&M CIP/Mill Traffic Signal Upgrade project. Purpose is to rebuild 4 traffic signals located within a major arterial corridor to enhance safety. The locations of these signals are at: Downing St & 22nd Ave; Downing St & 23rd Ave; Downing St & 24th Ave; Downing St & 25th Ave.

Mill 18 - 2018 Rebuild and Mainteance - Umatilla & 15th Street

  • Reconstruction of Umatilla-15th-Boulder-29th St signal

Park Improvements - Crestmoor Walks & Picnic Sites

  • This project will replace existing asphalt sidewalks with concrete walks at Crestmoor. The work will include regrading, drainage improvements, irrigation, landscaping and replacement of existing site amenities such as picnic tables, and benches.

Rosedale Parks Maintenance Facility

  • Renovate an existing building, and construct a new pre-engineered steel office building at Rosedale Park.  Includes Layout & Survey, Demolition, Utilities, Earthwork, Sitework, Paving, General Construction, HVAC, Electrical, and Plumbing.

Tennessee & Oneida Storm Ph 1

  • This project will provide storm relief for the sump at Tennessee and Oneida.

2018 BOND - DAV - Buell Lobby Improvements

  • Improvements throughout the Buell Theatre front of house area to include repainting all surfaces, renovations to three existing bars, modernization of two hydraulic elevators, new lighting and control systems, theatre entrance renovations, and replacement of the storefront system for the lobby.

Green Valley Ranch Pool

  • This project includes a recreational and leisure indoor swimming pool and ancillary facilities as part of a 24,000 square foot expansion of the Green Valley Ranch Recreation Center. The design will include state of the art facilities that will accommodate the needs of this rapidly growing community in northeast Denver.

Inspiration Point Playground

  • Improvements will include a new playground, picnic sites & historic wall repair.

Montbello Railings Phase 3

  • Remove and replace rail systems at 3 intersections along the Montbello Ditch (53rd Ave @ Granby St., Altura St., and Eagle St.).

Park Improvements - Bible Playground / Walks

  • Replace and improve existing community park scale playground, and replace existing deteriorated asphalt walks with new concrete walks. Work will include adjacent site furnishings and landscaping improvements.

Park Improvements - McWilliams Playground

  • Replace existing dated playground.