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Get Answers To Common Animal Related Questions

  • Injured or Sick Animals
  • Vicious Animals
  • Animal Bites
  • Animal Cruelty

To report an animal emergency, please CALL 720- 913-1311 or 311

Denver Animal Shelter does not currently offer behavior training for pets.

For help with a specific issue, please visit the ASPCA Virtual Pet Behaviorist page.

What do I do if a dog or cat bites me?
Colorado revised statue 25-4-603 requires all animal bites be reported within 12 hours.
To report a dog or cat bite you need to call the county where the bite happened, not where the owner of the dog or cat lives. If you were bitten in Denver, you should report the animal bite to Denver Animal Protection at 720-913-1311 or 3-1-1. You can also access the Bite Reporting Form online. Otherwise check the listing of out of county agencies (PDF)

What do I do if I am bitten by a wildlife animal (skunks, racoons) etc.?
You would report the bite to the State Health Department at 303-692-2700.

What if a reptile or squirrel bites me?
Reptiles and squirrels are not carries of rabies, and therefore are not quarantined for rabies. You do not need to report the bite. We do suggest you contact your doctor.

What if my dog or cat bites someone?
Colorado revised statute 24-4-603 requires all animal bites be reported within 12 hours.
To report a dog or cat bite, you will need to call the out of county agency (PDF) where it happened, not where you live. If your pet bit in Denver, you should report the bite to Denver Animal Protection at 720-913-1311 or 3-1-1. Your pet will be quarantined for 10 days from the date of the bite. Each bite case is handled differently. 

For information related to redeeming a lost animal, visit the Redemption Process and Fees page.

To report a barking dog, call Denver Animal Protection at 720- 913-1311 or 3-1-1 to report a problem. We take complaints for the City and  County  of Denver . If the dog barking problem is in another county you must call that Animal Control Agency.

For more information related to barking dogs in Denver, see the Barking Dog Nuisance section on the Denver Animal Ordinances page.

Who do I call for dead animal removal?
Denver Animal Protection does not pick up dead animals. You may call the Agencies listed below for this service.

Dead animal collection 
Denver 3-1-1 or (720- 913-1311)

Dead animals on the highway
State Department 303-757-9514 (M-F  8-5)
Colorado Highway Patrol 303-239-4501 (after hours)

Non-domesticated WILDLIFE
Colorado Division of Wildlife during business hours at 303-291-7227 or 303-291-7373

Can I bring my deceased animal to you?
The Denver Animal Shelter does not pick up dead animals, but if you are a resident of the City and County of Denver you may bring your pet or the animal here during normal business hours and we will dispose of it at no cost to you.

Visit the  Denver Parks and Recreation website for more information on Denver's dog park locations.

For information related to the keeping of Food Producing Animals in Denver, see Food Producing Animals on the Denver Animal Protection page.

Check out the Denver Animal Shelter Donate page for ways that you can help the shelter and the animals.


For Office, Adoption, Animal Visitation and Redemption hours and locations, see Contact Us.

What is an Intact Animal Permit?
Spay/neuter is required for all dogs and cats living in the City and County of Denver. An intact permit allows you to keep your pet from being spayed or neutered.

How can I get an Intact Permit?
You may choose any of the following options:

  • Call the Denver Animal Protection at (720) 913-1311, we can mail you an application.
  • Come in to the office located at 1241 W Bayaud Ave, Denver, CO 80223, to pick up the intact permit application in person.
  • Or you can simply download the Application For Intact Permit (PDF).

Once the application is completed and the necessary documents are submitted to Denver Animal Protection, allow 5 business days to process your application, you cannot obtain a permit the same day of application.

If it is approved or denied you will be notified by telephone.

Annual Intact Permit Fee: (Animal Code Sections 8-152 (a) (6): $150.00

What if I am not approved for the permit?
If you are not approved for the permit, you will need to either spay or neuter your pet or you can call Denver Animal Protection at (720) 337-1800 and find out why you were denied the permit. Then you can fix the problem and reapply. If you are still denied, you will need to have your pet spayed or neutered.

Denver's leash laws are intended to protect the health and safety of both the people and pets who enjoy visiting Denver's many parks and open areas.  Pet owners who violate this ordinance are subject to a fine. Read more about Denver's Leash Law online.

For information related to obtaining a Livestock or Fowl Permit in Denver, read the Livestock or Fowl Permit (PDF) document or visit the Denver Animal Protection page.

Visit the Microchips page for information related to microchipping your pet.

To report animal cruelty or abuse in Denver County, contact Denver Animal Protection at 720-913-1311 or 3-1-1. Outside of Denver County, contact your local animal control authority. 

For information about spay/neutering your pet, visit the Spay and Neuter page.

For information about Denver's spay/neuter ordinance or to download an Intact Permit Application, visit the Spaying and Neutering section on the  Denver Animal Ordinances page.

Where can I take my pet if I am no longer able to care for or keep it?
Denver Animal Shelter is working in collaboration with the Dumb Friends League (DFL) on the Denver Stray Project. The goals of the program are to save more animals’ lives and to increase the return-to-owner rate of lost Denver pets by making DAS the “one stop shop” for finding your lost pet in Denver. Therefore, if you are a resident of Denver and have a pet that you need to surrender, please bring it to DFL at 2080 S. Quebec Street. Their hours are Monday–Friday: 9 a.m.–7 p.m. and Weekends: 9 a.m.–5 p.m. For more information, call 303-751-5772.

I am disabled and/or don’t have transportation to take my pet to the animal shelter?

A City & County of Denver resident may contact animal protection and speak to a supervisor for assistance regarding an owner relinquishment.

Where can I take my pet for euthanasia?

We recognize that for most people, the end of a loved animal companion's life is one of the most difficult and heart-breaking experiences of their lives. We offer counseling and compassionate care to support you and your pet. We will take your pet to a calm and quiet room and perform the most humane euthanasia.

This service is available only to residents of the City & County of Denver for a $50 fee. You can bring your pet to the shelter during regular business hours. We are unable to accommodate visitation during the procedure; however, we will provide your pet with a calm and caring departure to Rainbow Bridge.

Where can I take my pet if I am not a Denver County resident?
You will need to contact your local animal shelter or animal protection agency.

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