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Front Range Shelter Leadership Responds to Community Animal Services of Pueblo Conditions and Closure

Joint statement from:

Dumb Friends League
Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
Larimer Humane Society
Denver Animal Protection
Humane Society of Boulder Valley
Longmont Humane Society
Intermountain Humane Society
Humane Society of Weld County

The suffering that happened at Community Animal Services of Pueblo (CASP), operated by PAWS for Life, is unacceptable. In an effort to adhere to a damaging local ordinance, it appears animals were allowed to suffer and die from their illnesses and injuries rather than being humanely euthanized. The animal welfare community’s priority is to ensure these animals are properly cared for and that they are protected from situations like this in the future.

Upon the closure of CASP, animal shelters across the front range worked together to respond to this critical situation and collaborated to help the animals in Pueblo. Animal welfare organizations who either assisted in efforts to transport these pets, accepted animals from Pueblo or are on standby to accept them, include Dumb Friends League, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region, Foothills Animal Shelter, Denver Animal Protection, Humane Society of Boulder Valley, Larimer Humane Society, Longmont Humane Society, Aurora Animal Shelter, Adams County Animal Shelter, Humane Society of Weld County and Intermountain Humane Society. Upon arrival, each individual animal’s medical and behavioral needs will be addressed.

This is a regretful example of how the No Kill movement, when taken to the extreme, preys upon compassionate people’s desire to protect animals. Animals deserve respect, nurturing, support, and it is never acceptable to allow them to suffer. Our entire community is deeply saddened by this situation.


Dr. Apryl Steele, President and CEO, Dumb Friends League
Jan McHugh-Smith, President and CEO, Humane Society of the Pikes Peak Region
Judy Calhoun, CEO, Larimer Humane Society
Alice Nightengale, Director, Denver Animal Protection
Lisa Pedersen, CEO, Humane Society of Boulder Valley
Liz Smokowski, CEO, Longmont Humane Society
Richard L. P. Solosky, Executive Director, Intermountain Humane Society
Elaine Hicks, Executive Director, Humane Society of Weld County