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HOPE Program: Connecting Pets, Families & Trainers to Provide Second Chances


Thanks to many years of successful spay and neuter programs, public education and Denver’s pet-loving residents, dog overpopulation is no longer an issue for the Denver metro area. This progress has allowed Denver Animal Shelter to expand its focus to finding loving homes for dogs with manageable and trainable behavior concerns. The shelter’s HOPE Program, supported by a grant from Maddie’s Fund, provides professional, science-based training services for eligible dogs at the time of adoption to set new families up for success and ensure dogs reach their full potential.

Denver Animal Shelter is committed to supporting HOPE dogs and their new families in building a bond that will last a lifetime. We partner and learn alongside HOPE families to better understand how to keep dogs in their homes after adoption. New canine companions need time, dedication, training and support, and we are there to provide resources to modify their behavior and help them be successful.

If you'd like to help a HOPE Dog, you can donate here. Please leave a note with your donation letting us know that you are supporting the HOPE Program.