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Other Audit Services Reports

In addition to the audit reports and annual reports, several other reports are prepared by the Audit Services Division and follow the Generally Accepted Government Auditing Standards promulgated by the Comptroller General of the United States. 

  • Audit Alerts
    Audit Alerts provide timely identification of potential risk areas that may prevent the achievement of City objectives.
  • Peer Review
    The standards require that the Division undergo a peer review every three years to determine whether the internal quality control system is operating in compliance with the standards.
  • Special Advisory Reports
    Special Advisory Reports provide information on limited reviews or time-critical assessments, investigations, or evaluations.

Peer Review

The most recent peer review of the Audit Services Division was conducted by the Association of Local Government Auditors (ALGA) in October 2015.

Full Compliance

At that review, we received a determination of full compliance, the highest level achievable under the ALGA peer review program. Additionally, the review identified numerous areas in which the Division excels, including our clear and concise reports that address concerns of Denver residents; that Division staff are competent, highly trained, and hold many professional certifications; and the audit excellence of the Division as recognized by ALGA awards.

The Division will be undergoing its next peer review in 2018.

Contact Audit Services

Kip Memmott
Director of Audit Services
(720) 913-5027