Prevailing Wage

The Prevailing Wage section monitors and enforces compliance with the city's prevailing and living wage laws; ensuring that proper  wages are paid and the work is performed by the appropriate job classification.  Prevailing Wage personnel act as a resource to both contractors and workers. 

Under the Ordinances section you will find useful information and links to Denver’s Prevailing and Living Wage ordinances.

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Prevailing Wage Determinations

Prevailing Wage Determinations Cont.


Electronic Payroll System

The Prevailing Wage section of the Auditor's Office uses LCPtracker, an online program for certified payrolls.  It is an effortless, user-friendly and ‘green’ method for electronically submitting payroll reports and ensures proper payment and compliance with Denver’s Prevailing Wage ordinance.  The benefits include:

  • Maintaining prevailing wage compliance with properly formatted Certified Payroll Reports;
  • Reduced errors and omissions;
  • Decreased time spent manually creating reports; and 
  • An accessible history of data submitted.

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