About Prevailing Wage

The Denver City Auditor is responsible for enforcing the City’s Prevailing and Living Wage requirements. This is done through the Prevailing Wage Division of the Office.  The Prevailing Wage and Living Wage ordinance requiresthe payment of the correct and appropriate wages and benefits for workers on city projects To learn more watch our video.  You can also read more about Prevailing and Living Wage here.


Prevailing Wage Determinations

Prevaling wage determinations are made for the following categories:

  • Building
  • Career Service Authority (CSA)
  • Heavy
  • Highway
  • Living Wage

See the current prevailing wage determinations.

Read about Clarification of Determinations

Download prevailing wage forms and files pertaining to the City ordinances.

A study regarding the impact of the public dissemination of information related to Davis-Bacon (Prevailing Wage) wage information used data from our LCP certified payrolls.  You can read the study.