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New Board of Ethics Nomination Committee Established

The Denver City Council made several changes to the Denver Code of Ethics on March 6, 2017. One of those changes was to establish a new Board of Ethics Nomination Committee to recommend persons to the Mayor and City Council to appoint to the Denver Board of Ethics. Until that time, the Mayor made two appointments directly to the Board of Ethics, City Council made two appointments and the Mayor and Council jointly made the fifth appointment. The purpose was to place a level of separation between the Mayor and City Council and the Board of Ethics, which may be called upon to review ethics complaints against elected officials. 

Pursuant to the new amendment to the Code of Ethics, Mayor Michael Hancock appointed Brian Spano to the Nomination Committee, City Council appointed Michael Lopez and Presiding County Court Judge Theresa Spahn appointed Michelle Stermer. The committee has met once and sent recommendations to the Mayor and Council regarding expired terms of three Board of Ethics members.