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Food Peddler

A pedestrian who engages in the sale or bartering of goods, merchandise or services directly to the consuming public, whether or not the goods, merchandise or services are actually delivered at the time of sales; a mobile food vendor who is not operating from a mobile retail food establishment or a pushcart. If the goods are prepared in a kitchen, it has to be through an approved commissary. See Commissary Operation Guide. An approved Affidavit of Commissary will have to be turned in with the application. All Required Documents are listed below.

Must be 18 years of age or older.

Denver Food License Information

Commissary List

How to Get a New Business License

Application Fee:  $25.00

License Fee:  $50.00

CBI Name Check:  $6.85


Fees can be paid with cash, check,  money order or credit card.  Checks should be made payable to Manager of Finance. 

  • Department of Public Health and Environment (720) 865-5401

Once your inspections are completed, return to the Department of Excise and Licenses office.  Your license will be issued when the following actions are taken: 

  1. All documents required for the license are complete and submitted to the office.
  2. The background check is accepted and approved.
  3. Fees are paid in full.
  4. All required inspections are passed.

At the time your license is issued, you will be given a peddler's photo ID.


Renew a Business License

Environmental Health must inspect the commissary before coming in to apply for a renewal license.  The commissary cannot serve alcohol.


Renew in Person
Come to the Department of Excise and Licenses office.

Request a renewal for your business license.

Once all documentation is complete you will be issued a payment voucher.

Take the payment voucher to the cashier and pay the renewal license fee.

Return to the Department of Excise and Licenses office with your receipt for payment.

Your business license will be printed.


Renew by Mail
You can mail in your license renewal along with a check made payable to the Manager of Finance for the total city fees due. Be sure to include your Business File Number (BFN) on your check.

Office Hours and Location
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Webb Municipal Office Building
201 W. Colfax Avenue, 2nd Floor

Mailing Information
Department of Excise and Licenses
201 W. Colfax Ave Dept. 206
Denver, CO 80202


  • Peddler or Photo ID
  • Approved Affidavit of Commissary. This has to be approved by Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • Peddler Guidelines (This form needs to be signed, acknowledging the guidelines have been read)

Disabled Peddler

  • Peddler or Photo ID
  • Approved Affidavit of Commissary. This has to be approved by Department of Public Health and Environment.
  • Peddler Guidelines (This form needs to be signed, acknowledging the guidelines have been read)
  • A petition written to the Director requesting permission to use cart, dolly, wagon or other similar device.
  • A qualification of the disability, written by a licensed physician.
  • Pictures of the proposed cart, dolly, wagon or device with a written description of its size and dimensions and an explanation of the intended manner, method and specific location of its use.

License Fee:  $50.00

Licenses must be renewed on or before the expiration date to avoid penalty fees.

90 Day Grace Period

There is a 90 day grace period from the expiration date during which licenses can be renewed by paying the license fee and a penalty fee.

First 30 days of grace period:  20% penalty fee

Days 31 - 90:  50% penalty fee

After 90 days:  Licensees will be required to apply for a new license


  • Department of Excise and Licenses inspectors will attempt to locate and notify business license holders of the approaching expiration date.  However, failure of an inspector to notify a delinquent licensee that its license has expired does not excuse the licensee from any applicable late penalty.


The photo-ID card must be worn on the outside of their clothing so as to be visible to the public at all times while peddling.  The license shall also be carried by all peddlers for inspection and review.  Ref. DRMC Sec. 47-32

All goods and/or products must be carried on individual peddler's person and may not be carried, displayed, or stored in or on any carts, dollies, tables, wagons or similar devices.  Ref. DRMC Sec. 47-16

Peddlers must keep moving and may not set up, display, or exhibit their goods and products for sale at any one particular location. Peddlers may stop to make or complete a sale.

The use of the devices such as carts, dollies, tables, wagons or anything similar is prohibited.  Any use of such devices, or a peddler's continued standing still in the street, sidewalk, or other public right-of-way, may result in the issuance of a citation for the illegal occupation of, obstruction of, or interference with the public's use of public streets, sidewalks, or other public right-of-ways.

For example, peddlers standing still on the Northwest corner of 19th Avenue and Blake Streets, who are blocking or otherwise interfering with the free and uninterrupted direct path of pedestrians entering or exiting the main entrance to Coors Field (where the public right-of-way is extremely narrow and limited), may be cited.  However, licensed peddlers who are walking and moving with the flow of pedestrians would not be considered interfering.  Ref. DRMC Sec. 47-16

Note:  Pushcart vendors of non-food items are allowed to operate in Denver only if they receive a public right-of-way permit for a specific location from the Public Works Department.  Such pushcart vendors must set up and remain in the specific location as identified on the face of the permit.  Said permit must be kept with the pushcart at all times.  No license is required from Excise and Licenses for site-specific pushcart vendors of non-food items

No person under the age of 18 shall be permitted to engage in peddling unless they are:

         a.  Sponsored by a licensed sponsor pursuant to the ordinances of the City and County of Denver; and

         b.  Wearing identification which clearly states the names of both the sponsor and the individual;  and

         c.  Limiting the sale of items to

                  1.  prepackaged candy and snacks

                  2.  household items

                  3.  novelty items

                  4.  hand-crafted items in association with peddler's sponsorship

Disabled licensed peddlers may petition the Director, in writing, for permission to be exempted from non-use of carts, dollies, wagons or other similar devices.  The petitioner must prove the following:

         a.  The petitioner's qualification under Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act, 42 U.S.C. 12101, et. seq., by a written letter from a licensed physician; and

         b.  The petitioner's need for the specific accommodation requested; and

         c.  A permit for the temporary occupation of the public right-of-way, pursuant to Article 14 of Chapter 49 of the DRMC is not sufficient to address the needs of the petitioner.

Upon such verification that the petitioner has established all three prerequisites, the Director may allow the petitioner to use one, and only one cart, dolly, wagon, or other device, to carry only that quantity of goods and/or products as the peddler would reasonably be capable of carrying, but for their disability.  All such petitions must include a photograph of the proposed cart, dolly, wagon, or device, and a written description of its size and dimensions,  and a written explanation of the intended manner, method, and specific location(s) of its use.

The Director may consider the potential negative impact of the request upon the health, safety, and welfare of the public if such proposed cart, dolly, or device, or the manner or method of its use, would to impede, block, or other interfere with the public's use of the right-of-way in the locations requested by the petitioner.  The Director may seek the advice and consent of the Department of Public Works in making any decision in granting or denying the petition as a whole, or partially granting the petition, with specific written limitations as to the manner, method or location of the requested device's use. 


Municipal Code

Denver Revised Municipal Code

Definition 23-2 (16) 

Requirements 23-30

Fees 32-101

Plan Extra Time!

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Inspections and paperwork can take longer than you expect. Plan extra time to get your license.