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Peddler:An individual who engages in the itinerant or transient sale or bartering of any goods, merchandise or services directly to the consuming public, whether or not the goods, merchandise or services are actually delivered at the time of sales. A person that sells non-perishable food items directly to the public from a non-fixed location but does not operate out of food truck or food cart.

A peddler engages in such activities as selling from door-to-door, hawking of items at public events, and selling or canvassing by means of carrying goods or samples around from place to place in order to encounter consumers who will purchase or order the goods.

A peddler must be 18 years of age or older.

Peddler Sponsor:  A peddler who peddles candy or other items with children 12 years of age and older

Crew size is limited to 25.  Children may work only after school and no later than 1/2 hour after sunset.  Owner and manager must be 18 years of age and older.

Peddler Guidelines

Denver Food License Information

Peddler licenses are renewable on a yearly basis.

How to Get a Business License

You must apply in person but may renew by mail.

You must have a credit/debit card to run your own Colorado Bureau of Investigation name check.


For Peddler

Your CBI Name check must be dated within 7 days of application.


For Peddler Sponsor

You must apply in person but may renew by mail.

You must have a credit/debit card to run your own Colorado Bureau of Investigation name check.


For Peddler

Application Fee:  $25.00

License Fee:  $50.00

CBI Name Check:  $5.00


For Peddler Sponsor

Application Fee:  $25.00

License Fee:  $500.00

Fingerprint Fee:  $16.50 


Fees can be paid with cash, check, money order or credit card.  Checks should be made payable to Manager of Finance.  We cannot accept credit card payments over the phone or through the mail.

Once the background check has been accepted and approved, return to the Department of Excise and Licenses office. Your license will be issued when the following actions are taken: 

  1. All documents required for the license are complete and submitted to the office.
  2. The background check is accepted and approved.
  3. Fees are paid in full.

Licensed peddlers will receive a photo-ID card. 

Renew a Business License

Renew in Person
Come to the Department of Excise and Licenses office.

Request a renewal for your business license.

Once all documentation is complete and background check (if required) is approved you will be issued an invoice.

Take the invoice to the cashier and pay the renewal license fee. (see renewal fees below)

Return to the Department of Excise and Licenses office with your receipt for payment.

Your business license will be printed.


Renew by Mail
You can mail in your license renewal along with a check made payable to the Manager of Finance for the total city fees due. Be sure to include your Business File Number (BFN) on your check.

Office Hours and Location
8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Webb Municipal Office Building
201 W. Colfax Avenue, 2nd Floor

Mailing Information
Department of Excise and Licenses
201 W. Colfax Ave Dept. 206
Denver, CO 80202



Disabled Peddler

  • Peddler or Photo ID
  • Peddler Guidelines (This form needs to be signed, acknowledging the guidelines have been read)
  • A petition written to the Director requesting permission to use cart, dolly, wagon or other similar device.
  • A qualification of the disability, written by a licensed physician.
  • Pictures of the proposed cart, dolly, wagon or device with a written description of its size and dimensions and an explanation of the intended manner, method and specific location of its use.

For Peddler

License Fee:  $50.00


For Peddler Sponsor

License Fee:  $500.00

Licenses must be renewed on or before the expiration date to avoid penalty fees.


90 Day Grace Period

There is a 90 day grace period from the expiration date during which licenses can be renewed by paying the license fee and a penalty fee.


First 30 days of grace period:  20% penalty fee

Days 31 - 90:  50% penalty fee

After 90 days:  Licensees will be required to apply for a new license


More Information

Municipal Code

Denver Revised Municipal Code

Definition 7-10, 7-12 

Requirements 7-26

Fees 32-48.5

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Plan Extra Time!

Inspections and paperwork can take longer than you expect.  Plan extra time to get your license.