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Temporary Modification of Premises

Colorado Liquor Code Regulation 47-302 provides that, after a liquor or beer license has been issued, the licensee may not make any physical change, alteration, or modification of the premises that materially or substantially alters the licensed premises, or the use of the licensed premises, from the plans and specifications including walls submitted at the time of obtaining the original license without the prior written consent of the local and state licensing authorities.

Steps for Temporary Modification of Premises License

  • A licensee must seek approval from the Department of Excise and Licenses and the State Liquor Enforcement Division prior to any material or substantial modification of a licensed premise.
  • Application forms must be submitted thirty (30) days before the proposed construction start date.

  • Permit Application and Report of Changes
  • Authorization Document such as a Lease, Deed or letter from the landlord on company letterhead authorizing for the Temporary Modification to take place.                
  • Plot Plan and detailed sketch of the perimeter and interior of the premises.  The floor plan drawing is to be on 8 1/2 by 11 inches with dimensions included.  The diagram does not have to be to scale, but must accurately reflect the area to be licensed, including depictions of the following:

a)  Exterior areas showing control of the licensed premises (fences, walls, doors, gates, etc)                                                      

b)   A diagram for each floor plan, outlined in red to indicate the liquor boundary before, during and after the event. The diagram must identify the location of the proposed licensed premises designating where alcoholic beverages will be sold, served, distributed or consumed before, during or after the event.                                                                                                           

$600 for a Temporary Modification of Premises            ($300 build up, $300 tear down)

Fees can be paid by check or money order made out to the Colorado Department of Revenue. 

Depending on the decisions made by the Director of Excise and Licenses, a hearing may be held.

  • Development Services (720) 865 2982
  • Denver Fire Department (720) 913-3474
  • Department of Public Health and Environment (720) 865-5401
  • Department of Excise and Licenses (720) 913-1311 (Last inspection - Schedule when all other inspections have been passed.)

We will exchange your inspection card for your license when Excise and Licenses comes to be the last signer on your inspection card. 


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