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Social Consumption

In November 2016 Denver voters approved Initiative 300, granting businesses the ability to apply for a permit to allow for adult marijuana consumption in designated areas.

Applications are now available at the Denver Excise & Licenses office; however, applications will not be accepted and permits will not be issued until final rules and regulations are adopted. Once rules are adopted, the department will develop the application process. Businesses may not begin operating a designated social consumption area until after they obtain a valid permit to do so from Excise & Licenses.

Rules & Regulations

Please review the draft document and provide your feedback via the form below.

Public Hearing

There was a public hearing on June 13 to review and take feedback on the proposed Rules & Regulations.

Feedback Form

Advisory Committee

Excise & Licenses led the rulemaking process to establish a robust regulatory structure for businesses that wish to pursue this new license. The Social Consumption Advisory Committee (SCAC) met six times in early 2017 to make recommendations to Excise & Licenses on possible rules and regulations related to the administration and regulation of Initiative 300. Members of the SCAC consisted of city, community, business and public health representatives, and other stakeholders.
Advisory Committee Meetings

Meeting 6 - April 6

Meeting 3 - Feb. 22


Meeting 5 - March 24

Meeting 2 - Feb. 8


Meeting 4 - March 10

Meeting 1 - Jan. 18

Committee Members

Co-Chair:  Ashley Kilroy (Executive Director, Denver Excise & Licenses)
Co-Chair:  Molly Duplechian (Denver Office of Marijuana Policy)
Kendra Black (Denver City Council)
Mary Beth Susman (Denver City Council)
• Deputy Chief David Quinones (Denver Police Department)
• Marley Bordovsky (Denver City Attorney’s Office)
• Jude Del Hierro (Community Representative)
• Sam Kamin (University of Denver Sturm College of Law)
• Kristi Kelly (Marijuana Industry Group)
• Dan Landes (Business representative)
• Fran Lanzer (Mothers Against Drunk Driving)
• Aubrey Lavizzo (Community representative)
• Amber Leytem (Denver Public Schools)
• Amie Mayhew (Colorado Hotel and Lodging Association)
• Karin McGowin (Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment)
• Maureen McNamara (Cannabis Trainers)
• Rachel O’Bryan (Protect Denver’s Atmosphere)
• Jordon Person (Denver NORML)
• Emmett Reistroffer (Denver Relief / Yes on 300)
• Sonia Riggs (Colorado Restaurant Association)
• Margie Valdez (Inter-Neighborhood Cooperation)
• Kobi Waldfogel (Event planning representative)

Contact Us

If you have comments or questions about Social Consumption, please email us at or call Denver Excise & Licenses at 720-865-2740.