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Denver City Council members serve on several different committees, each concerned with various areas of City government. Committees meet regularly to discuss and prepare proposed laws. Learn more about specific committees, when they meet, and who serves as members below:


Land Use, Transportation & Infrastructure 

Community planning, North Denver Cornerstone, Public Works, parks, cultural facilities and more… 

Mobility & Transportation Working Group

Reporting to the LUTI committee, this working group will work to present a comprehensive plan for funding and implementing strategies to make Denver a more walkable, bikeable, safe, and transit-orientated city.


Safety, Housing, Education & Homelessness

Safety, environmental health, Denver Health, human services, education, housing and more…

Housing & Homelessness Working Group

Reporting to the Safety committee, this working group will study housing options and mental health implications, address the need for equitable geographic distribution of affordable housing, and connect workforce programs with homeless individuals seeking employment.


Business, Arts, Workforce & Aeronautical Services

Economic development, Arts & Venues, DIA, Excise and Licenses and more…

Economic & Workforce Development Working Group

Reporting to the BIZ committee, this working group focuses on successful strategies for spreading economic recovery to all neighborhoods in Denver through workforce development, targeted hire, and job training programs specifically geared toward middle skill jobs and low-income individuals aged 25-65.


Finance & Governance 

Finance and budget, technology services, human resources, state lobbying, city services, ethics and more…


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