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Learn about the housing resoures available in the City and County of denver:

Visit the Denver Municipal Animal Shelter on  Facebook for tips, tricks and the latest pet adoptions. For information on animal health, abuse lost and found pets, laws, and other animal related issues visit  the  Denver Municipal Animal Shelter website. For additional animal complaint or questions call 3-1-1, or go online to the  311 Help Center.

A few rules on animals & pets:

  • Denver ordinance requires that excrement be removed immediately from any property that is not your own, public or private.
    • Although it is not illegal to allow your dog to poop on someone else’s property, it is illegal if the dog damages or destroys landscaping or fencing, or if the excrement is not removed immediately. Bare in mind that some neighbors work hard on their yards, and they see dogs relieving themselves on their prize daffodils as an affront. It is best to avoid any potential conflict by steering your best pal to the tree lawn, which is public right-of-way. 
    • Animal excrement cannot be discarded in storm sewers, but may be tossed into trash receptacles if it’s contained in a closed plastic bag or other closed airtight nonporous container.
  • Cats and Dogs must be vaccinated and licensed. 
  • No snakes, poisonous reptiles, pit bulls, or livestock.
  • Leash laws are  enforced and the person on the other end of the leash must have control of the dog.
  • Denver law prohibits any person from owning, possessing, keeping, exercising control over, maintaining, harboring or selling a pit bull in the City and County of Denver. A pit bull is defined as any dog that is an American Pit Bull Terrier, an American Staffordshire Terrier, a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, or any dog displaying the majority of physical traits of any one or more of these breeds. You can go to to view a list of pit bull related breeds.

You can call (303) 698-0076 to report barking or vicious dogs, dog at large. 

Want to register to vote or find your Voter Service Center? Would you like to view election maps & records, read ballot initiatives, or take a look at the election calendar? Contact the Denver Elections Division at 311, or visit

Powers and duties of the Denver Clerk and Recorder

  • Recorder of deeds and other documents affecting title to real property for Denver County
  • Power to administer oaths
  • Trade name registrations for Denver County
  • Conduct of state elections within Denver County
  • Conduct of municipal elections
  • Marriage licensing in Denver County
  • Attesting, certifying and authenticating documents, including countersigning all mayoral contracts
  • Keeping of ordinances, contracts and other official city documents
  • Keeping of campaign finance records
  • Keeping of financial disclosure records
  • Registration of lobbyists and keeping of lobbying reports
  • Maintenance of the domestic partnership registry
  • Member of the board of equalization for property taxes 

District 4 Voter Services & Polling Centers (VSPC) and Ballot Drop-off Box Locations: 

  • Christ Community Church
    8085 E. Hampden Ave. - Gym
    VSPC open Oct. 24 - Nov. 8 (Election Day)
  • Eisenhower Recreation Center
    4300 E. Dartmouth Ave. - Multipurpose Room
    VSPC open Nov. 5 - Nov. 8
    Ballot Drop-off Box open Oct. 17 - Nov. 8
  • RTD - Southmoor Station
    3737 S. Monaco Street Pkwy
    24/7 Ballot drop ONLY

For a complete list of VSPC and Ballot Drop-off Box locations and times, click here

Report graffiti to public works for free removal assistance* by submitting a 311 Help Request
* For free removal assistance on your property, you must complete a removal authorization form

You can also call to report graffiti found in your area:

  • Public Property: (720) 865-7867
  • Utility Poles and Green Boxes: (303) 571-2512
  • Parks or Along Trails: (303) 458-4833
  • Telephones: (800) 234-4041 repair option 
  • RTD Shelters: (303) 299-6700
  • DPS Property: (303) 575-4020
  • Highways: (303) 757-9511

Visit the City and County of Denver's Marijuana Information Website:

In order to protect the safety, prosperity, health and welfare of all city residents, city code regulations require that property owners keep their properties safe and well-maintained. About two dozen neighborhood inspectors handle public education and zoning enforcement throughout Denver’s 155 square miles. Most education and enforcement happens in response to reports that citizens make to 3-1-1, although inspectors also perform proactive inspections. 

Our inspectors enforce property maintenance standards based on the Denver Zoning Code and the Denver Revised Municipal Code.

Find parks and recreation center maps and get information on recreation center classes with our recreation programs app.

You can contact Denver Parks & Recreation at:

201 W. Colfax, Dept. 601
Denver, CO 80202 
Phone: 720.913.1311

City Council District 4 is apart of Denver Police District 3, located at 1625 South University Blvd, Denver, Colorado 80210.
DPD District 3 Contact Information: 
Phone: 720-913-1300 
Fax:  720-913-1199
Our District Commander is Magen Dodge, and our Community Resource Officers are Officer Mike Borquez,, and Officer Jim Lopez, 
You may now check crime statistics in your neighborhood with an  interactive mapping tool.
Police non-emergency service contacts:
  • Call 311 for non-emergencies; call 911 for emergencies.
  • Denver Police Department
  • Neighborhood Crime Prevention
  • Non-Emergency number 720-913-2000
  • Crime Stoppers Hotline: (720) 913-7867
  • Drug Tip Hotline: (720) 913-DRUG (3784)
  • Public Safety Review Commission: (720) 913-8467
  • Speeding Enforcement: (720) 865-6905

Cell Phone Emergency notifications:
Register for Denver 911 Emergency Cell Phone Notification. This system is used to distribute important information about emergency events occurring within the City and County of Denver. These are targeted notifications about incidents occurring in specific areas, like your neighborhood! Stay informed and stay safe.

Street Sweeping in Denver

  • Residential streets are swept once a month from April through November.
  • Street sweeping reduces air and water pollution
  • In order to help the sweepers go through smoothly, residents should remove items from the curb on street sweeping days.
  • Also, because sweepers can't sweep under parked cars, residents need to move their car on sweeping day.
  • Because street sweepers are 10.6 feet high and dump trucks are 12 feet high; low hanging branches present obstructions and residents should trim their trees back to 13 1/2 feet above the street and alley.
  • Street sweeping schedules are posted on residential signs which designate the sweeping day for each side of the block. you can sign up for Street Sweeping E-Reminders (E-minders will be sent April through November) to let you know when to move your vehicle.

Snow Removal

As the weather turns colder, the City of Denver wants our residents to know what to expect when snow falls. Visit for more detailed information on snow removal. During snowfall, we update the website in real time to reflect current conditions and our strategies.


residential parking permit exempts a resident’s vehicle from the posted, on-street parking time limit restrictions on the block in which the vehicle owner resides. While having a residential parking permit doesn't guarantee you a parking space, it does mean you don't have to worry about time limits when parked on your block


A residential parking permit does not allow parking in violation of any other parking regulations such as:

  • parking during street sweeping restrictions
  • parking in "no parking" zones
  • parking without paying meters

If you received a permit renewal letter in the mail, you may now renew your residential parking permit online.

Denver Water

From May 1 to Oct. 1, customers must follow these rules: no watering between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m., no watering during rain or strong winds and no watering sidewalks and streets, among other summer watering rules. Denver Water employs a group of water-use enforcement officers to make sure customers understand the rules. First-time offenders receive a warning, second-time offenders receive a $50 fine and third-time offenders receive a $100 fine. If customers continue to violate the rules, their water service may be shut off.

There are exceptions, however, like watering for up to 21 days to establish turf from seed or sod. Our operating rules detail the policy in full.

Colorado’s semi-arid climate means everyone needs to do their part to ensure adequate water supplies will be available well into the future. Thank you for continuing to use only what you need.

Denver Water Administration Building
1600 W. 12th Ave.
Denver, CO 80204-3412

Customer Care: 303-893-2444
Emergencies: 303-628-6390 
General fax number: 303-628-6199

Xcel Energy

View Bill Payment Options

Pay your bill through one of our flexible payment options.

Find a Rebate
See how you can spend less money on energy.

Report a Problem
Notify us of an outage, gas leak or other emergency.

See Renewable Energy Solutions
Learn more about wind and solar energy programs.

Title Registration

What you need:

  • Secure and Verifiable Identification is required. Anyone other than a named owner must have a DR2175, Non-secure power of attorneyto obtain license plates on behalf of a named owner and present his/her secure and verifiable identification.
  • Title (if available) and/or current registration. If the registration is more than six months expired at the time of application, you must provide the title or a copy of the title. 
  • If you reside in Denver, you must show proof of a Colorado vehicle emissions test. For emissions testing stations located in Denver Metro, please visit Air Care Colorado.
  • Verification of Vehicle Identification Number form, DR 2698, completed by one of the following:
    • County Clerk or Motor Vehicle Agent (VIN inspections are performedMonday through Friday, 9 a.m. until 3 p.m. at the discretion of management)
    • Law enforcement officer. You must contact the local law enforcement agency to ensure that you may be serviced by that agency before you proceed to that office.
    • Licensed Colorado motor vehicle dealer.
    • Licensed Colorado emissions testing station.
  • A current and accurate odometer reading.
  • Proof of vehicle insurance coverage (insurance card, copy of insurance policy or letter from your insurance company on the company's letterhead paper).

Registration Renewal

The online renewal service allows you to renew one or several vehicles in a single transaction using a credit card or electronic check. The service is provided by a third party working in partnership with the State of Colorado. The price of items purchased through this service includes funds to develop, maintain, and enhance the state's official web portal,

Denver Motor Vehicle will mail renewal reminder postcards the 15th of the month prior to the expiration month as a courtesy to Denver residents.  If you did not receive a card or you lost your renewal card, call 311 and they can connect you with a DMV Specialist who can look up your registration fees and whether you need proof of insurance or emissions, you can then still take advantage of the online or mail in renewal options. 

Denver County Motor Vehicle Branch Office Locations & Hours

Monday - Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 
  • Northeast Branch - In the Arie P. Taylor Municipal Building
    4685 Peoria St., Suite 101
  • Northwest Branch - In the Safeway Plaza            
    3698 W. 44th Ave.
  • Southwest Branch - In the Bear Valley Shopping Center
    3100 S. Sheridan Blvd.
  • Welton Branch - In the Five Points Plaza
    2736 Welton St. 

Wildlife in the City

Coyotes: Coyotes can be identified by a black tipped tail, black shoulder stripe, gold eyes, long pointed ears & nose and long legs

Tips for safety around the home:

  • Always turn on light and check yard before letting pet outside between dusk and dawn
  • Spray with a a hose in your yard
  • Trim thick shrubbery to 1 ft above ground so animals can’t hide underneath in your yard-they are ambush predators
  • Keep cats safe inside
  • Coyote horns can be picked up at the District 4 Council Office, and are effective at scaring away coyotes. 

If you encounter a coyote(s) when walking your dog:

  • DO NOT EVER ignore, turn back on, run away.
  • Stand ground, yell, make noise, make yourself look big.
  • Carry whistle, noisemaker, small rocks in pocket.
  • Approach aggressively if coyote doesn’t leave.
  • Pick up your dog if possible, don’t let coyote between you and pet.
  • Slowly back towards other people if necessary.
  • Do not stop harassing coyote until it leaves area.

NOTE: Coyotes are skittish and will eventually run away. They avoid confrontation with aggressive people. To report coyote activity or for further information, contact Doug Kelly with Denver Parks and Recreation, or (720) 913-0630.

For more information on wildlife in and around Denver, visit the 'Wildlife' section of the Denver Parks & Recreation website.

Property Records

To find property related information such as property taxes and records for your home or business, visit the Assessor's OfficeYou can also view detailed property information with our interactive real property search application which can show property assessment values, maps, comparables and more.


The Denver Zoning Code implements the city's vision for the future of Denver. The code is intended to balance conservation and development, achieve design excellence in the built environment and guide Denver's prosperous and sustainable future.

You can also find other related zoning information including :

Historic Preservation

According to Community Planning and Development’spreservation staff, historic preservation is achieved by local designation of both structures and districts. In order for a potential structure or district to be eligible for designation, it must meet two of the three criteria for historical significance described in the Landmark ordinance (Chapter 30): History, Architecture, and Geography. (View theLandmark Ordinance for specific criteria). All applications for designation are reviewed by Landmark staff, the Landmark Preservation Commission, the Denver Planning Board, and City Council.

General process for designation is as follows:

  1. Pre-application review
  2. Submit application and fees
  3. Initial review at the Landmark Preservation Commission
  4. Landmark Preservation public hearing
  5. City Council public hearing

While the Landmark Preservation Commission can make a recommendation for designation of an individual property or district, only City Council can approve the designation through a public hearing process. The entire process for designation is designed to maximize public input and involve the participation of registered neighborhood organizations.


Council District 3 Office

Councilwoman Jamie Torres
1437 Bannock St., #451
Denver CO 80202

Jesús Orrantia
Senior Council Aide

Benjamin Chavez
Council Aide

Need Help?

Denver 311 Help Center - Call 3-1-1
Outside Denver Call (720) 913-1311
Emergencies 911
Police Non-Emergency Line : (720) 913-2000
TTY Service: 720-913-8479



City & County Building
1437 Bannock St., Rm. 451
Denver, CO 80202


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