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Get out and vote, then stay home

Be a part of history! If you have not yet voted, you can still vote in-person until 7 p.m. tonight or drop your ballots off at a ballot drop-box near you by 7 p.m. For location information for polling centers and ballot drop boxes, please go to the Denver Elections Division website

“I would like to emphasize the importance of voting today, but also the critical state Denver is in with our rising COVID-19 cases and hospitalization rate,” said Council President Stacie Gilmore “I encourage everyone to keep a safe 6-foot distance from others and wear your masks while voting. Once you have voted, please stay home to protect yourself and others from the coronavirus.”

Because of historic circumstances in the 2020 presidential election, there may not be immediate results as election workers across the country work tirelessly to collect and count every person’s vote “I appreciate your patience and concern for safety during this challenging time,” Gilmore said