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City Council members voluntarily take furlough days in support of City staff

Denver City Council members have agreed to take eight furlough days in 2020 in a show of support for City staff. Citywide furloughs were announced yesterday as a cost-saving measure in response to the $226 million revenue shortfall caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Council members stand united with City employees,” said Council President Jolon Clark. “Taking these furlough days helps the City by returning our income for those days, but also demonstrates our support for the dedicated employees who continue work hard through the pandemic and now face mandatory unpaid leave.”

City employees, including City Council staff, will be required to take eight furlough days. Five of the days will be scheduled and City buildings will be closed on those days. Three of the days will be flexible and determined by the employee and their supervisor. The furloughs will save the City $16 million dollars.

The City Charter does not permit changes to the salaries of elected officials, upward or downward, except in the months prior to city elections when they are set for the succeeding four years. Because of that, the alternative is for elected officials to reimburse the City’s general fund for the equivalent of eight days of post-tax salary. Council will work closely with City budget officials to track the economic recovery.

The following 12 council members will voluntarily take the furlough days: Amanda P. Sandoval, Kevin Flynn, Jamie Torres, Kendra Black, Amanda Sawyer, Paul Kashmann, Jolon Clark, Chris Herndon, Chris Hinds, Stacie Gilmore, Robin Kniech and Deborah “Debbie” Ortega.