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Public Comment During Hearings

Required Public Hearings During City Council Meetings

This is the time of the meeting for the City Council to receive comments from the public regarding items up for consideration scheduled for public hearing. 
  • To speak during a public hearing, speaker cards are available during the recess of Council. 
  • Each speaker is allowed 3 minutes, unless another speaker has yielded his or her time which would result in a maximum of 6 minutes. 

Public hearings allow citizens the opportunity to speak in favor or against specific items. The Council President will open the public hearing to receive public comment on that specific item. Upon hearing all public comments, the Council President will close or continue the public hearing. Council may then decide to engage in discussion and/or take action on the item.

Courtesy Public Hearings During City Council Meetings

City Council members may request from the Council President a courtesy public hearing on a matter not automatically scheduled for a required public hearing.  This allows the Council to hear from the public on important issues such as contracts, new city policies and other ordinances that come before the Council for approval.  The Council President sets the amount of time allotted for a courtesy public hearing but typically the hearing is one hour.  

During the recess of Council, individuals wishing to speak will receive a speaker card from the Council Secretary.  After all the speaker cards have been collected they will be divided into two groups – those in favor of the issue and those opposed to the issue.  Speaker cards will then be randomly selected from each group, similar to a lottery, and arranged in the order drawn.  Speakers will be heard alternating back and forth between a speaker in favor and a speaker opposed until the one-hour time limit for the hearing has expired. Each speaker is awarded 3 minutes and yielding of time is not allowed.  

Questions about this policy can be directed to City Council Legislative Services at 720.337.2000 or

Public Hearing Comments