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How do I know when public comment is being held?

Public comment is posted on the City Council Meeting Schedule published each Friday. To get the meeting schedule and agendas emailed to you each week, subscribe to updates and alerts.

When is public comment allowed in committee meetings?

A 15-minute public comment period is held in committee meetings where proposed changes to the municipal code or policy are being discussed.

How long will I have to speak?

Each speaker gets a maximum of two minutes to speak. Speakers will be shown a warning when 30 seconds are remaining and the committee chair will ask speakers to stop at the end of two minutes. 

Where do I sign up to speak?

Speakers sign-up in the Council Conference Room.

City & County Building, Room 391
1437 Bannock St.
Denver, CO 80202 

When do I sign up to speak at a committee meeting?

Sign-up begins 30 minutes prior to the committee’s scheduled start time and ends 15 minutes before the meeting begins. For example, those commenting at a 10: 30 a.m. committee meeting will have from 10 to 10:15 a.m. to sign up to speak.

NO sign-up by proxy; the person wishing to speak must be the one to sign up.

Will everyone who signs up get to speak?

The public comment period in a committee meeting is 15 minutes. Council will accommodate as many speakers as can fit within that timeframe. Depending on how many individuals sign up and the order in which the speakers are called, the requester might not be able to speak.

The committee chair determines the order of speakers and tries to allow for equal opportunity for opposing perspectives.

Can I comment on other items on the committee agenda?

For all other items scheduled for committee, like contracts and presentations, public comment is at the discretion of the chair.  Members of the public may request an opportunity to speak on these matters by contacting Legislative Services in advance:


Note: please put “Public Comment Request” in the subject line. If a response is not received within 24 hours, please call.


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