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Council holds retreat, Dist. 11 projects presented

On Thursday, Jan. 11 Denver City Council had its 2018-2019 Policy and Budget Retreat. Councilwoman Stacie Gilmore brought forth District 11 specific priorities including projects such as Peña Boulevard/Tower Road Interchange; bridge and railing maintenance or replacement for the drainage canals; new parks; and median improvements. Gilmore also discussed citywide priorities that would benefit communities in her district, such as anti-displacement resources, food access and workforce development. 

 All 13 members of council submitted both citywide and district-specific priorities for consideration. After several rounds of discussion and compromise, the priorities were set. Mobility & Transportation and Housing & Homelessness were selected as the two key areas of focus for 2018. In addition, two projects not related to the areas of focus —planning for a new police academy and expediting the number of neighborhood area plans — rose to the top of the Council priority list.

Next, the Council’s policy and budget goals are communicated to Mayor Michael B. Hancock and city agencies so that the Council’s vision is considered during the administration’s planning and budgeting for the 2019 fiscal year. To help achieve its goals, council will also continue with four working groups that report to Council committees. The groups are Mobility & Transportation, Sidewalk Working Group, Economic & Workforce Development (Gilmore currently chairs this committee), and Housing & Homelessness Working Group.

If you have comments or questions in regard to the 2018-2019 policies and budget, please feel free to reach out to Councilwoman Gilmore at or stop by her February office hours (Saturday, Feb. 10 at GVR Library or Thursday, Feb. 22 at District 11 Office both from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m.) and let her know your thoughts in person!