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Light Rail Station Photo in downtown Denver

Mobility & Transportation 

City Council, through a task force, will study citywide challenges facing transit, mobility, sidewalks, street maintenance and planning, public safety at intersections and traffic management, and look at successful models across the country in order to present a comprehensive plan for funding and implementing strategies to make Denver a more walkable, bikeable, safe, and transit-orientated city.

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Photo of Homeless Man

Housing & Homelessness 

City Council, through a working group, will build upon the momentum from the Council’s December 11, 2015 Retreat on Homelessness and the work of the Ad-hoc Committee on Homelessness to study supportive housing options and mental health implications, address homeless families and youth and equitable geographic distribution of affordable housing, improve outreach and connect workforce programs with homeless individuals seeking employment opportunities.
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Photo of metal worker

Economic & Workforce Development

City Council, through a working group, will focus on successful strategies for spreading economic recovery to all neighborhoods in Denver through workforce development, targeted hire, and job training programs specifically geared toward middle skill jobs and low-income individuals aged 25-65.
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