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Income Discrimination Hurts Housing Market

As Denver seeks to expand access to affordable homes in the face of unprecedented demand, building new affordable housing is important, but it cannot be our only strategy. We can help more families access homes that already exist. No one should be turned away from a home they can afford because they are using disability income, or a housing choice voucher, or a Veteran’s Administration (VA) loan, rather than just income derived from wages.

Banning source-of-income discrimination would help people of all incomes who may face barriers, like a college student who is utilizing student loans to rent an apartment while they attend school, or a mother who uses child support from a former spouse to help pay for housing for her and her children so they don’t have to change schools after a divorce.

To promote housing access and support mixed-income communities, my office is co-leading an effort with community partners to add source of income to Denver’s non-discrimination ordinance. Read more here.