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Councilwoman Kniech is Committed to Enhancing Safety for All Users of Denver's Streets and Sidewalks

We completely agree that too many people are being injured or are dying while using our streets to reach their destinations. The death toll is heartbreaking. Councilwoman Kniech is committed to enhancing the safety of all users of our streets and sidewalks. She is actively working on the following:

  • New funding for transportation and is urging new funds to be  dedicated to street safety for multi-modal users in the 2020 Budget.
  • An increase in penalties for parking in bike lanes.
  • Strong street design guidelines, which are currently being reviewed/updated by the City’s Public Works Department in a process that began last month (she is advocating for robust stakeholder input as part of this process).

She also wants to make sure you saw the Mayor’s recent commitment to expedite aspects of the City’s Vision Zero goals by reducing speed limits on key corridors, installing more high visibility crosswalks, constructing protected bike lanes, and increasing enforcement of traffic laws and unsafe behaviors on city streets. While some of these measures were already underway, the following are new/enhanced:

  • Installing high visibility crosswalks downtown
  • Further enhancing already-protected bikeways with new features
  • Installing speed feedback signs on City and County of Denver vehicles
  • More in-street pedestrian crossing signage
  • More low-cost safety treatments that can be deployed quickly
  • More bike corrals installed on-street

The Councilwoman echoes the call for greater driver responsibility. We all must pay more attention, slow down, and take responsibility for how we operate our vehicles. Together, with investments and behavior change, we can make our streets safer.