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Newsletter Archives

November 2017 - The Big Picture: Community Crafts Use of Force Policy Recommendations and Other News

October 2017 - The Big Picture: Housing Plan & 2018 Budget Drafts Released

July 2017 - The Big Picture: Infrastructure Package Announced and City Updates

May 2017 - The Big Picture: Public Safety, Housing and City Updates

March 2017 - Inclusivity and Investing in Infrastructure from Councilwoman Kniech

February 2017 - The Big Picture: 2016 Accomplishments, 2017 Goals, and Housing Updates



December 2016 – The Big Picture: Inclusion, Housing Updates and Holiday Greetings

October 2016 – The Big Picture: Budget and Sustainability Updates

August 2016 – The Big Picture: Housing Fund Advances to Council and City Updates

June 2016 – The Big Picture: Personal Words, Housing and City Updates

April 2016 – The Big Picture: Major City-wide Policy Updates

February 2016 – The Big Picture: Annual Accomplishments & Goals 



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Council At Large
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Emergencies: 911 
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