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Photo of woman in wheelchair being helped

Denver has been recognized as an early leader in environmental conservation, but in some areas we have fallen behind the best practices of other major cities, and we have more work to do to ensure a sustainable future.  Councilwoman Kniech’s priorities include:

  • Reduce resource use in our own buildings, services and practices.  For example, Councilwoman Kniech serves on the Green Fleet committee, which is working to expand the number of vehicles using alternative/renewable fuels.
  • Reform city solid waste services and policies to bring Denver’s “recycling rate” (diversion of materials from the landfill) up to the national average, through residential recycling of more materials, giving all households access to and incentives to compost, and expand recycling in the multi-family apartment and commercial sectors of our city. Unfortunately, Denver is currently only diverting about half the waste of a typical city in America. 
  • Provide robust and safe alternatives to driving a gasoline-powered car, including improved public transit, ensuring all neighborhoods have sidewalks, accommodating new technologies such as car-shares, and expanded bicycling infrastructure.  Councilwoman Kniech is a leader on these issues not only in Denver, but through her role with the Denver Regional Council of Governments, which oversees comprehensive planning and transportation funding in the Denver Metro region.
  • Ensure city investments in businesses or redevelopment are consistent with conservation outcomes, such as promoting density in appropriate areas, requiring green building standards, and business development assistance to grow more green technology, service and manufacturing companies in Denver.