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Inclusionary Housing Ordinance 

The Inclusionary Housing Ordinance requires 10% affordability in new, for-sale developments of 30 or more units.  Revisions to Denver’s Inclusionary Housing Ordinance (IHO) were passed by Council in two phases.  The first round of revisions to the IHO, passed in June of 2013, supported better-educated homeowners, and created circumstances that increase a family’s ability to avoid foreclosure and build wealth in diverse neighborhoods.  The second phase, guided by an economic study of Denver’s housing needs, was passed by City Council in August 2014, and recalibrated the developer requirements to help build more homes, and provide a more flexible range of options to do so.  

Find more detailed information about both Phase I and Phase II adopted changes below.

Please contact my office at (720)337-7712 for more information on the Inclusionary Housing Ordinance and other housing initiatives in Denver. 


Phase I (Historical Documents): 

Phase II (Historical Documents):