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Denver Elections Division Proposed Campaign Finance Changes

Today the Denver Elections Division, Office of the Clerk and Recorder, submitted proposed changes to modernize Denver’s campaign finance regulations. This has been a multi-year process to engage stakeholders, consider staff recommendations as a results of process improvement events, and in response to technical challenges with and outdated reporting system.  We have followed a deliberate timeline that included consideration of the election calendar and process, process improvement recommendations, policy changes, technical and system development, and preparation for the 2019 Municipal Election Cycle. 
Currently, Chapter 15 of the Denver Revised Municipal Code contains outdated definitions, fails to require disclosure of independent expenditures and electioneering communications, and lacks fines for non-compliance with deadlines. The proposed ordinance is being brought forward now so that changes will be in place before the next Municipal General Election in 2019. This will also allow time to update the online campaign finance portal to reflect legislative changes.

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Please contact the Denver Elections Communications Team at or 720.865.4872


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