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Take a Journey Through History with Denver Public Library's Digital Collections

You already know your local library is the best place in town for free classes and programming. Get ready for some more good news: it's also an amazing historical resource for anyone interested in Colorado history. From amateur historians to research focused academics, the library archives have something that will catch your interest and pull you in.

Keli Schmid, Denver Public Library's 10th Mountain Division Archivist explains how she got pulled into the history of Colorado's renowned 10th Mountain Division:

"Having grown up in Colorado and having Denver Public Library as a nearby resource, I chose to research the 10th Mountain Division. I looked through pictures, read papers and letters, and listened to recorded oral histories. Every piece of history and every story I encountered pulled me in just a little bit deeper and I was hooked; fascinated by the Division’s training experiences, its war efforts, and by what 10th Mountain Division veterans have done since the war to make Colorado and the ski industry what they are."

Schmid has been digitizing photographs and mementos donated by 10th Mountain Division veterans and their families. Take a look at their incredible collection of rare, historic photos. They are in the process of digitizing the oral histories of 10th Mountain Division Veterans and making those stories available online. 

If you or someone you know has artifacts and old family mementos that you believe might be of historic signfiance, consider donating them to the library. Click here to visit the Denver Public Library donation page. Some items they need include: 

Artifacts (Blair-Caldwell African American Research Library only)

Audio Recordings/ Video Recordings


Book Galleys

Diaries, Minutes, Proceedings

Financial Documents

Legislative Documents



Scrapbooks and Scrapbook Materials

It is so important to preserve these stories - thank you DPL! 

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