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Concept art for I-70 project

I-70 Reconstruction  


The Colorado Department of Transportation (CD)OT) proposes to replace the I-70 viaduct between Brighton and Colorado Boulevards. This project will either decimate the neighborhoods of Globeville, Elyria and Swansea or provide an opportunity to positively impact the lives of the familes who live in the neighborhoods adjacent to the viaduct.  
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Photo of railroad track curve

Railroads & Hazardous Materials

Mirroring national trends, Denver has seen a dramatic increase in rail shipments of flammable liquids, principally crude oil, related liquids and ethanol.  For the last two years I convened meetings with city agencies to review our situation and options to better protect public safety.  
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Photo of male and female theater performer

Creative Industries  

I am working with members of the creative industries – film, dance, music, recording, and the visual arts – to explore developing a single location that would provide space for all sectors of the industry and support the growth of an industry.
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Photo of Solar and Wind farm at sunset

Energy and Environment

It is important that we take steps today to foster a sustainable environment for future generations. My office helped lauch the Colorado Hydrogen Coalition which is woking to promote hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and other fuel cell technologies in Colorado. Development of renewable energy technologies is one of the keys to energy independence and a healthier environment.
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Photo of carpenter

Workforce Development

Providing economic opportunity for all our citizens is a key goal for me. I am a member of the Economic Development and Workfoce Development Working Group. Denver has the opportunity to advance social and economic equity by leveraging our investment in construction into good jobs with a pathway to economic stability. For information and resources.
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Concept art of affordable housing units

Affordable Housing

Denver's legendary quality of life is not an accidental fact of nature. It must be continuously created and sustained for all who live here, with strong, diverse neighborhoods and housing that together ensures the promise of economic mobility. The City is committed to the preservation, rehabilitation and creation of affordable housing. 
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