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Aerial view rendition of four winds park

Community-led design of new park to honor “Four Winds”

With a plan of transforming a once dangerous abandoned trailer park and bar, Councilman Paul López directed city officials and community leaders to think big and transform the then-blighted land into the City’s newest and first park in 30 years in West Denver. 


Photo of Rodolfo Corky Gonzales Branch Library

Rodolfo "Corky" Gonzalez Branch Library

On August 24th, Councilman López along with Mayor Hancock, Councilwoman Shepherd, and other community leaders broke ground on the new Westside Library Branch at the old Avondale shopping center, located on Colfax and Irving. 


Rendition of 6th Ave Bridge

6th Ave. Bridge Replacement

Starting in the spring of next year, the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) in partnership with the City and County of Denver and Colorado Bridge Enterprise, will replace five bridges along US 6, starting with Federal Boulevard and going east. 


Photo of cars on Federal Blvd

Federal Blvd Reconstruction

Federal Boulevard reconstruction, between Alameda and 5th Avenue, is scheduled to be complete in January of 2013. The corridor is wider including adequate sidewalks for pedestrian travel and concrete that replaced asphalt, making it more durable. The utilities have gone underground and traffic lights have been replaced at 1stand 2nd Avenue. Medians are also in place and will be planted in the spring, giving a new aesthetic appeal to Federal Boulevard.


Photo of Paving Crews working in Alley

Paving "Private" Dirt Alleys

A victory for the entire city was won right in the alleys of the Westside, after decades of frustration, legal obstacles, and failed efforts. Infamous “private” alleys started to be paved throughout Denver in 2012. An eyesore and safety hazard, these alleys have been a burden on residents and the City.