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With a plan of transforming a once dangerous abandoned trailer park and bar, Councilman Paul López directed city officials and community leaders to think big and transform the then-blighted land into the City’s newest and first park in 30 years in West Denver. Overwhelming community participation by children and adults, led to a successful design of the new park that will honor the diversity and rich cultures of Westwood/ Barnum through the medicine wheel, an Indigenous philosophy of the Americas that unites people from the Four Winds. Through a variety of funding streams, including two successful grant applications, the total budget for the park is one million dollars ($1,000,000). Construction will start this spring, and with the grand opening in early fall.

Although the community design process is complete, residents can participate by visiting our office to sign the official petition, formally naming the new park located on W. Alameda  as “Cuatro Vientos/ Four Winds” Park in honor of the unity of the people of West Denver who come from every direction of the earth.


Conceptual drawing of Four Winds Park