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A crowd of people at a beer festival interact outside in a closed street.

South by Southeast Festival

Thank you to everyone who came out to SxSE 2017!! We are so excited by the community involvement and positive feedback we've been receiving since the event. We are beginning the planning process for SxSE 2018. Please let us know how to improve for next year by taking this quick, 5-minute survey!

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Councilwoman Black sits with a senior citizen on an outdoor patio in the sun. Both women are smiling and engaging in conversation.

Senior Series

District 4 is home to one of the largest senior populations in the City.  Our seniors and their needs are incredibly diverse.  For those active retired people who would like to be more engaged in the community to seniors who need assistance to maintain their quality of life, Councilwoman Black and her staff are here to help connect resources available for seniors.

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Two women wearing sunglasses, one old and one young, cheers their coffee mugs while resting their elbows over a picket fence.

Good Neighbor Program

Why be a Good Neighbor? Security, cooperative efforts, social connections and improved communications are all outcomes of participating in the Good Neighbor program. Being a Good Neighbor is as easy as 1, 2, 3: 1. Be a Good Neighbor 2. Spread the Word 3. Lead the Way

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Restaurants & Retail

Southeast Denver is full of big box retail stores and fast-casual chain restaurants. We are working to attract local and fresh restaurants and retail businesses to our district, while promoting and supporting the great local businesses located here.

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An abundance of flora line the High Line Canal Trail on a sunny day.

Parks, Trails & Golf

Southeast Denver has many beautiful parks, 2 golf courses, part of the Cherry Creek Trail and 9 miles of the High Line Canal Trail. We will continue to advocate for improvements to our parks and golf courses and identify missing trail connections in the district. 

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A mural on the side of a building spells out DENVER in large block letters filled in with a silhouette of Denver's skyline.

Arts & Culture

Denver is full of striking public art pieces and established art institutions. Unfortunately, southeast Denver lacks the public art that the downtown area boasts. We are working to identify and promote public art and culture opportunities for our district. 

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A dedicated bike lane sits adjacent to a raised brick median with colorful flower beds, shade trees, and benches.

Mobility & Streetscaping

Developed in the 1950s, 60s and 70s, southeast Denver was all about the car. Now, as the culture around transit shifts toward multi-modal transportation, we are working to increase mobility for all and advocating for increased safety measures for pedestrians and cyclists throughout the district.

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Affordable Housing & Homelessness

Today, 100,000 more people live in Denver than did just a dozen years ago, and many more are anticipated over the next decade. Our city's population has spiked, and the housing stock simply cannot keep pace with community needs. While home prices have risen dramatically here, this boom also increasingly makes rentals and for-sale housing unaffordable for too many.

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Denver takes a collaborative approach to the management of marijuana, which includes multiple city agencies working together to address regulation, enforcement and education. Denver is a trailblazer in the marijuana laws reform movement sweeping the nation. As we begin our Social Consumption experiment, the City desires to lead with safe and effective regulation and continued education for our residents and visitors. 

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A light rail train stops at a downtown station to allow passengers to exit and enter.


The City and County of Denver is committed to building and maintaining infrastructure to support the evolving needs of residents, businesses and visitors. However you choose to get around, we want to help you get there safely and on time. Projects to improve mobility for vehicles, transit, pedestrians, cyclists, and those with disabilities are a high priority for Denver’s Department of Public Works, working with city and regional partners to ensure our communities have access to everything Denver has to offer.

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Hand-drawn rendering of a mixed-use development plan for the downtown Denver area.


Denver’s economic position is the strongest that it has ever been. The economy is booming and unemployment is low. It is a business-friendly place, attracting both Fortune 500 companies and small businesses. Housing is one of our biggest challenges. There is not enough of it, so rents and home prices are high. Colorado is 55,000 housing units short of meeting our housing demand. To meet the demand, there are new apartment buildings going up throughout Denver. 

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