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Imagine the Possibilities

In September, we held our Visioning series and gathered ideas of what SE Denver residents want in our community. Over 1500 participated in the online survey and 300 attended our two workshops. SE residents love our corner of Denver, but want it to be more walkable, with local restaurants, retail and gathering places for people to meet and linger. These ideas will shape a vision for our area of the city and guide the work of the District 4 Council office.

We now have 4 working groups, comprised of community members who wanted to stay involved with our office. Each group focuses on key aspects that need improvement in our district. The groups brainstorm solutions, use their own connections and come up with creative ways to achieve our goals.Learn more about each working group below!

We also enlisted the help of our working groups to plan a pop-up festival, South by Southeast (SxSE) that was held on August 19 in Bible Park. We couldn't have done it without our great volunteers and working group members! Thanks & we look forward to seeing you all next year for the second annual South by Southeast festival! 

Wed., Nov. 1, 6-7 pm
TJHS (3950 S. Holly St.)
Check in: 5:30 pm



Big Blue Bear peers into the Colorado Convention Center located in downtown Denver.

Arts & Culture 

1. Public Art

Identify and apply for grants dedicated for public art projects.
Example: P.S. You Are Here grant awarded $10K for the construction of a public art bus shelter @ Hampden & Ivanhoe to be decorated and maintained by students of TJ High School.

2. Arts & Cultural Facilities

Identify opportunities to attract arts and cultural facilities to SE Denver.

For more information on the Arts & Culture working group, please contact

A pedestrian trail sits adjacent to the High Line Canal.

Parks, Trails & Golf

1. Golf Facilities

Short-term: Attract investors to build a beer garden at Kennedy Golf Course
Long-term: Improve the two courses in the district (Kennedy & Wellshire) by creating a more inclusive feel.
*Opportunity for R&R and PTG groups to work together

2. Trail Connectivity

Identify gaps in the trails in the district (and going out of the district).
*Opportunity for M&S and PTG groups to work together

3. Boys & Girls Club

Identify existing public facilities that could house a Boys & Girls Club program in the district.

For more information on the Parks, Trails & Golf working group, please contact


A man rides his bike in the protected bike lane along south Broadway.

Mobility & Streetscaping

1. Streetscaping & Business Improvement District (BID)

Research and understand the BID formation process. Learn from BIDs across the City how they fund streetscaping projects.

2. Safety & Traffic Advocacy 

Collaborate with and attend mobility advocate groups' community meetings and events (WalkDenver, BikeDenver, Bicycle Colorado and Transportation Solutions) to advocate for improved safety and traffic measures in southeast Denver.

For more information on the Mobility & Streetscaping working group, please contact

The interior of Esters pub in Denver features televisions, a bar, and multiple seating areas.

Restaurants & Retail

1. Kennedy Golf Complex

Attract investors to re-purpose the seasonal restaurant in the Kennedy clubhouse into a year-round, family-friendly beer garden.
*Opportunity for R&R and PTG groups to work together

2. New Restaurants & Retail

Attract local, fresh restaurants and retail businesses to southeast Denver. 

3. Exisiting Restaurants & Retail

Promote and support existing restaurant and retail businesses in southeast Denver.


Check out our 2017 Restaurant Survey Results

For more information on the
Restaurants & Retail working group, please contact