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S Glencoe during a major flooding event shows cars and front lawns flooded.

Yale Stormwater 

Public Works will be addressing major flooding issues that have been ongoing for decades near the Yale Station by upgrading storm water infrastructure. This major construction project will begin on Yale in January, between Dahlia & I-25, and on S. Glencoe. The Yale construction will last 4-6 months. We can expect lane closures and traffic delays. The Glencoe portion of the project will go beyond that first phase.

We also expect that a new traffic signal and curb ramps will be installed at Yale & Dahlia in about March. Other Yale improvement projects that are funded, but not planned or scheduled include a new traffic signal at Yale Cr., pedestrian safety and sidewalk improvements, High Line tunnel at Yale & Holly, High Line crosswalk improvements at Bible Park, and traffic flow improvements.

More information can be found at


Aerial view of a wide crosswalk with a geometrical pattern.

Other Mobility Projects

An enhanced crosswalk to Bible Park at Amherst & Quebec is expected to be constructed in 2018 in coordination with the Bible Park bridge replacements. The crosswalk will offer a pedestrian refuge halfway across Quebec. The staircase leading to the bridge will be replaced by an ADA accessible ramp to connect the crosswalk to the bridge.

The remainder of Hampden Heights Park paths should be completed in 2018. If you see a particularly hazardous section of a path, please alert our office with the exact location and we’ll report it for repair.

Bike Lanes
Separated bike lanes are planned for Union St. from Monaco to Yosemite and on Ulster St. from Princeton to Belleview, providing critical connectivity to the Southmoor and Belleview light rail stations.







The 2017 GO Bond logo.

2017 GO Bond: SE Denver

  • Yale improvements: I-25 to Quebec
  • Yale Station pedestrian safety improvements
  • High Line Canal tunnel @ Yale & Holly 
  • Hampden Corridor multi-modal improvements
  • Buchtel & Colorado Blvd. bike/ped improvements
  • Ross-University Hills Library renovation
  • Eisenhower Rec Center upgrades
  • New playground @ Rosamond Park
  • New playground @ Bible Park
  • Trail resurfacing @ Hampden Heights Park
  • Upgrades for fire stations 13 & 22
  • Bike lanes on S. Birch & E. Princeton

*City-wide projects include bike lanes, sidewalk construction, arterial street repaving, curb & gutter repairs, bridge rehabilitation, irrigation renovation, & deferred maintenance.

For more information about GO Bond projects across the city, visit

Wastewater Projects

Hampden Heights Laterals Stormwater System: The proposed project will install a new stormwater system where one does not exist today. Key streets are Dayton and Geneva. Project dates are TBD.

High Line Canal Water Quality Facility: Denver is funding a pilot project along the High Line Canal, between Wellshire Golf Course and I-25, to determine the feasibility of turning the canal into a Water Quality facility. 3 structures will be installed along the canal to hold the water quality event and release it slowly over an extended period of time. Project dates are TBD.

Ross-University Hills Library Water Quality Upgrades: Future drainage, water quality, and landscaping upgrades (possible rain gardens on the east and west sides of the library) will serve as a pilot project ot educate residents on stormwater. The design is expected to begin in early 2018 with construction beginning in late 2018-early 2019. 

Goldsmith Gulch Major Drainagewat Plan (MDP) & Flood Hazard Delineation (FHAD): A study will be conducted beginning in early 2018 to update the Urban Drainage and Flood Control District mapping of the Goldsmith Gulch. The project will provide up-to-date estimated 100-year flood flow rates and identify alternative solutions to reduce flood risk and improve water quality.  


The Hampden Ave Corridor Study logo.

Hampden Corridor Study

Hampden is a vast car-oriented road that is unwelcoming and unsafe to pedestrians. Safety is the number one challenge on this thoroughfare with an unusually high number of car crashes and car/pedestrian incidents. Other challenges include pedestrian accessibility to the Southmoor and Dayton Light Rail Stations. 

On Nov. 1, 2017, community members gathered at our Town Hall to provide the Hampden Corridor Team with input, feedback and recommendations. More than 300 people shared their suggestions about what future improvements are most important to the community. The next step is to provide additional feedback on the Team's engineering recommendations developed after the first meeting.

More information can be found at





Aerial view of Bible Park, featuring the baseball fields and the sidewalk loop.

Bible Park Bridges

South bridge construction has started!
Update (1/9/18): 
The old bridge was removed on 1/9/18. The new bridge is currently being fabricated and will be open to the public by March 31, 2018. We recognize this bridge provides a key connection to the park and the Goldsmith Gulch Trail, and are replacing the existing 4’ wide bridge with a 12’ wide bridge that will better serve the park and regional trail.

Design of the East (E Amherst Ave) and West (S Newport St) bridges is underway, and construction is anticipated to begin in late summer/early fall 2018. Read the updated FAQ here


City-owned tennis courts.

Recreational Court Repairs

Eisenhower Park tennis courts: A full replacement of the Eisenhower tennis courts is expected to begin in early 2018. 

Southmoor Park basketball court: Replacement of the basketball court in Southmoor Park is an identified 2017 GO Bond project. Parks & Recreation employees are working on a schedule for repairs. 





Wellshire Golf Course.

Wellshire Irrigation

The Canal is not an efficient water conveyance. Denver Water owns the Canal but is transitioning its customers off because over 70% of the delivered water is lost through seepage and evaporation. Denver Water and Parks & Recreation are working together to install a new irrigation system at Wellshire that will move it off of the Canal as a water source and onto potable water.

Click here to read the Denver Post article on the irrigation project.



The Goldsmith Gulch running under the bridge on Eastman Ave.

Bridge Rehabilitation

Public Works will be rehabing bridges with basic repairs at 3 locations: Over the Goldsmith Gulch at Eastman, over the Goldsmith Gulch at Monaco & Evans, and over the S Platte River at Mississippi. Myers and Sons Contracting was awarded the $1.6M contract. 

The portion of Eastman over the Goldsmith Gulch will be closed Nov. 29-Jan. 19. For more information about the project, contact the project manager at






CVS at Tamarac

A CVS will be built on the southwest corner of Tamarac & Hampden. Three existing office buildings will be torn down. Plans include a pedestrian and bicycle zone and other retail shops. Construction is expected to begin in 2018.



The former K-mart site, now abandoned with a massive surface parking lot.

K-Mart (Evans & Monaco)

This property is not for sale, and the owner does not have plans at this time. Redeveloping the property is a top priority for me, and I am working with our real estate department to explore land use solutions. As we enter 2018, I am escalating my efforts to ensure this property sells to a developer that will develop a meaningful project that will benefit the neighborhood and community.

Read more on actions taken and future options here.




Residential Construction

  • The former office building at 10020 E. Girard will be converted into 18, 2-bedroom apartments. 
  • Shea Properties is constructing the Tangent Apartments, a 5-story 140-unit apartment building at Monaco & Happy Canyon. Construction will be completed by the end of 2018. 
  • The Iliff Rowhomes, located @ 4100 E. Iliff Ave., will consist of 20 unique 3-story townhomes. The units will average 1750 sf and include private garages and roof terraces. 
  • Additionally, Iliff Rowhomes at 4745 E. Iliff (Iliff & Dahlia) will include 23 row homes with 42 parking spaces. 
  • JEhome is building 7 custom home sites on a cul-de-sac at 4224 E Dickenson Pl (off of Colorado Blvd).
  • A 350 apartment building is under construction at the southeast corner of Evans and Colorado Blvd. The Crown Burger will remain in its current location!

The old surface parking lot replaced by a brand-new senior living facility on Niagara Street in DTC.

Belleview & Niagara

MGL Partners is building a new $51 million senior living facility north of Belleview Avenue along Niagara Street. MGL bought 2.1 acres of land for the project from Westfield for ~ $4.8 million. The site was a surface parking lot, immediately north of the planned One DTC West office building at Belleview and Niagara streets.


The former Rockies Inn in the aftermath of the massive fire that destroyed the structure.

Rockies Inn (Evans & I-25)

Construction of the Green Box Storage on the site of the former Rockies Inn on Evans & I-25 will begin in mid-2018.  It will be a net zero building, meaning the total amount of energy used by the building on an annual basis is roughly equal to the amount of renewable energy created on the site.







Commercial Construction

  • A 12-story office building at 5050 S. Syracuse  will open in the second quarter of 2018. 50Fifty tower is seeking a LEED Gold certification upon completion for their use of sustainable and energy-efficent building designs.  
  • The Robinson Law building at 2865 S. Colorado Blvd was demolished in 2017 and is for sale. If you are interested, please contact Sam Zaitz at 720-529-2888. 
  • The former Beau Jo's in the U-Hills Shopping Center will be a custom-built Chick-Fil-A. The project is currently under construciton. We had hoped for a local restaurant since this sentiment is what community members expressed during the 2016 Visioning Series. 
  • The former office at 4242 E. Amherst was demolished. The plan is to build new offices with a dwelling unit on the 2nd floor.

The Hillcrest Reservoir project featuring the new tanks, part of the first phase of construction.

Hillcrest Reservoir

Denver Water is making upgrades to the Hillcrest water storage facility at 4100 S. Happy Canyon Road. The first phase (the tanks) will run from 2016 through late 2019. The second phase (pumping station) will overlap the first and is anticipated to run from 2018 through early 2020. To find out more information, go to



Denver Water Line Replacements

A water main and service line replacement project, originally scheduled to begin on Tuesday, January 16, will now start on Thursday, January 18 on Eastman Avenue from Cherry Street to Dahlia Street. The project is anticipated to take about one month to complete.

The contact for this project is Eddie Hernandez, he can be reached at 303-628-6563 from 7 AM - 5 PM.

Additional information on pipe replacement projects can be found at





Transit Oriented Development (TODs) around rail stations is part of Denver’s plan to become a world-class city where everyone is part of the community. This concept creates a village around light rail stations where people can conveniently access affordable housing, restaurants and grocery shops, retail stores, and public transit options. With a housing shortfall, high density TOD developments help reduce traffic congestion instead of increasing urban sprawl as Denver continues to grow. 

A traffic map focusing on the Belleview Station with light rail stops marked by small circles.

Belleview Station

The Belleview Station has two apartment buildings: The MileHouse with 352 units and The Den with 325 units. Four stores have opened with more restaurants and high-end amenities planned in the future. A 15-story office building will house the global headquarters of Western Union. Current restaurants include: Backcountry Delicatessen, Urban Egg, Ambli, Los Chingones, and Ruth's Chris Steakhouse. Sushi-Rama and Highland Tap & Burger are expected to open soon. 


Amixed-use high density apartment complex located at the Yale Light Rail Station sits in front of a dusky blue sky.

Yale Station

The Yale Station features mixed-income TOD developments. Currently, the Yale Station Apartments provide affordable senior housing. The Garden Court Apartments opened in 2016, and offer affordable family/workforce housing. Residents receive an eco-pass to take advantage of public transit. A new 112-unit, 118-parking space apartment building is near completion. 


A construction site with cranes in the background and two seven-level parking garage structures in the center.

Colorado Center

The Colorado Center is a centrally located TOD with office and entertainment options. A new residential tower is planned, and new restaurant and retail options will be coming soon. 




An under-highway tunnel is lit by an art installation with colorful neon lights.

Southmoor Station

Near Hampden & Monaco, the Southmoor Station is in a centrally-located community, but is underutilized. There are several apartments nearby that lack convenient access to the light rail. In June 2017, Urban Land Institute conducted a Technical Advisory Panel with real estate experts, neighbors and business owners to look at challenges and solutions to improve access to the light rail station. Southmoor visioning workshops will be held in early 2018 to create a community-driven vision.